The Ant and the Aardvark

The Ant and the Aardvark

An aardvark tries to catch one ant without success.

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Sonia Q (it) wrote: hilarious! what a mix of china and india

Kim D (kr) wrote: Haa! You'll never think of Francis Fisher in the same way ever again. However, I'm just a fan of Jessica Chastain.

Tommy R (de) wrote: Glory, Keira, and Lisa are three teenaged friends on summer break who all want to babysit for Keith and Sue. The movie starts with Glory admitting that she is sleeping with Keith. Keith is a married man with a baby. He also grows pot in his yard. Keith starts sleeping with all three girls. When they find out, they blackmail him into sleeping with them every night. He decides to plot against them with the help of his biker friend Lenny. If you are a true David Boreanaz fan you may want to watch this movie ( yep He does a nude scene and you see the full Angel front and back.) Otherwise save your money and time.

Amy S (au) wrote: Quirky and charming, there's not a lot of dialog or action. Still an interesting view into cross-cultural influence and exchange of music from Germany to the US.

Dan H (us) wrote: "Let's hurt somebody."A deep, probing study of males. Our three leads are all phenomenal (with Eckhart playing one of the best screen bastards), and the script is tops. The film manages to be amusing, entertaining, unsettling and disturbing. The soundtrack is also pretty great too!

Erik G (it) wrote: I remember seeing this biopic in my art class about six years ago. This was where I learned of Jean-Michel Basquiat, a troubled but talented modern artist famous for his grafitti paintings. It was so sad that he died at 27 in 1988, but his unforgotten fame has lived on ever since.

Erika N (mx) wrote: Anne Rice's novel - Cry to heaven -

Aaron W (ru) wrote: A strange, cool, film. I mean it's got Keith Carradine, Kris Kristofferson, AND Divine! Now that's a cast. Cooper (Carradine) plays a loser who, with his wife and newborn, moves to the city with the hope of finding a job only to get quickly pulled into a network of organized crime headed by Hilly Blue (Divine sans makeup). Coop's new enterprises cause him to practically ignore his wife allowing for recently released convicted murderer and ex-cop Hawk (Kristofferson) to step in. The film has a cool, eighties, noirish feel though it's hard to deny that a few things are very dated that's not exactly a minus in this case. If I had one problem, it'd be that Kristofferson's badassedness isn't used enough, other than that it's nifty little gem.

Alexander S (es) wrote: A depiction of Mexican Americans' fight for equality in WASP America. While the meaning and the story are important, the acting is like the Italian Neo-Realism - nonprofessional acting and low budget. If you aren't a fan of that kind of acting then this movie doesn't work. Overall an interesting but a bit boring entertainment wise.

Aaron B (mx) wrote: The great cast makes this biblical mess bearable. But, be warned: the amount of failed attempts at humor in the writing of this film will have you laughing for all of the wrong reasons.

Scott M (jp) wrote: Good, but it would have been better if they didn't tell you the end at the beginning. Knowing he was going to die from the start ruins the movie.

bill s (nl) wrote: i actually thought this was one of Cook's better movies and still I can not recommend it....sad.

Davanh P (mx) wrote: Mira Sorvino - the curse of the OscarI thought this was a comedy at first...dreadful to depict a true story this way.

Roland M (jp) wrote: Not really a waste of time, Everything works and they were carefully placed. but, what's all that, when they didn't actually make you care about the characters and the story