The Appeared

The Appeared

One night Malena and Pablo, a sister and brother traveling together in Argentina, discover a diary that details crimes committed twenty years ago.

One night Malena and Pablo, a sister and brother traveling together in Argentina, discover a diary that details crimes committed twenty years ago. That same night, the past and present ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eugene S (gb) wrote: A crazy B-movie that twists the history of the time quite interestingly, but brings it all together at the end. The movie had about every historical character of the time (including a very young Teddy Roosevelt) killing zombies. Not great but worth the 1.5hrs if you're bored.

Luc L (kr) wrote: Crude and rude jokes in this cheap film.

Shawn S (au) wrote: interesting premise, generic cookie cutter anime dramatics

walid a (fr) wrote: Interesting set of circumstances

Griffin J (gb) wrote: This movie is one of my favorites. The plot line focuses on several people during this roaring time. All of them are twisted in some way, and have phenomenal dialogue. The cinematography captures that classical Ragtime feel (the score does too obviously). The ending truly feels convincing and not like historical fiction. The tone of the film is also quite dark which makes you feel an eerie suspicion whenever someone does something. Its just an epic adventure that you devote a lot of time for such a great pay-off. Please stop reading this and go see it!

Brett W (br) wrote: Perfect film for any jazz fan. Great all around.

Bjorn B (nl) wrote: A beautiful film about the ever-changing nature of life and a people on the mend after the cataclysm of World War 2. This exploration of life's unpredictability and the consequent generational discord is treated solemnly, but with a warm sense of understanding that permeates the screen. The characters are often distraught by the hand they have been dealt, but they seem to have an odd grasp of it. Pain and joy often come hand in hand and Ozu magically captures this push and pull between happiness and sorrow flawlessly. He also succeeds in making these grand statements about change, death, selfishness, guilt, generational disputes, and life's disappointing continuity, without feeling too didactic. On top of these qualities, the way Ozu plays with space is something I have never seen before. Even in the most intimate of places, we can become disoriented. Although we often take the same steps over and over again, life is always a labyrinth of constant change. Like Kurosawa's Stray Dog, Ozu also focuses on the oppression of the heat. From the kids worrying about how to get rid of the parent's burdensome visit, to the Grandparent's trip to a spa meant for a younger generation, each character clutches a fan, attempting to comfort themselves from the uncomfortable atmosphere. It is just one of the many symbols of a people trying to do what they can to cope with such a tentative existence. I can see why this film has been raved about over the many decades since its initial release. It's message is timeless, but the approach feels so fresh. It is an outstanding film and one that should not be missed. A+

Emily L (fr) wrote: Not the worst movie, but it's pretty close.

James C (ru) wrote: Take Shelter tells the story of a loving husband, father, and brother while he descends into unexplainable madness. He must figure out whether the visions he's experiencing are fragments of his imagination or apocalyptic warnings meant to prepare him for the incoming storm. Jeff Nichols tells this story with such tension, such attention for detail, and such artistic vision. Starting off slowly, the audience gets acquainted to Curtis and his family, while standing witness to the first horrific visions that plague the loving father. I don't really know how exactly this film manages to pull it off, but I certainly could feel myself, while staring at the screen, grow paranoid alongside Curtis. It is never really clear until the very end if Curtis is actually descending into madness or if his frightening visions have truth to them. The tension is built slowly but surely and as the film progresses and the madness grows stronger, so do the outstanding performances. I would not be over exaggerating by saying that Michael Shannons performance in perfect harmony to the ever brilliant Jessica Chastain, is undoubtedly one of the best on screen performances of the past few years. These characters are played with such devotion and passion, it's nearly impossible to not be able to understand the feelings that they go through. This film will certainly be remember as a milestone in filmmaking. Partly because of the degree of artistic openness Jeff Nichols presents onto his audience. Partly for the outstanding acting we were honored to witness, and lastly for the overlaying message that no matter how deep you may spiral into madness, the warmth of your loved ones will always be able to shine a light through the darkness. Jeff Nichols, with his fantastic eye for cinematic wizardry undoubtedly set the bar extremely high for any future thriller trying to step into its footsteps.

Mike T (es) wrote: I agree, actors were bleh, but for the 80s and growing up seeing this movie, I'll always love it.Accept the acting for what it was and go with it!Great never give up kind of movie. No Retreat! No Surrender!!!!Ok.....23 minutes in....whoa bad acting lol! funny though...