The Appearing

The Appearing

A woman once possessed by a mysterious entity uncovers a shocking secret about her past and must face the demon that dwells inside of her.

Michael is a detective. He and his wife move to a small town. Here, Michael joins the police force. His first case - a man is disappeared - leads him to discover that this town is harmed by a dark force. Michael have to fight against it before it takes everything from him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Appearing torrent reviews

David P (es) wrote: It just one of those fun stories that people are able to connect with and laugh. It's funny, entertaining, and rewatchable.

Darren H (us) wrote: Been waiting ages for this. Has not disappointed. Love it. Right up my street. Good British violence.

Larry Y (kr) wrote: another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase

Laura W (jp) wrote: You've seen this movie. God, words can't describe how annoying this was to watch and I liked the actors. Painful. Jus painful. The rotten kid's piano playing is pure torture topped off by the song at the end.

Kiran V (fr) wrote: Can I get my money back?

Robert B (fr) wrote: Did you know that Jake "The Snake" Roberts liked crack?

Sterlin R (jp) wrote: This is without a doubt the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of all time. The thing that makes this movie so unique is the fact that Arnold plays a spy. That is rare considering the fact that Arnold could easily play a terminator, a soldier, or a police officer. A spy is an awesome rare choice.Everything in this movie worked out perfectly. From start to finish, it is a wonderful masterpiece that will make you entertained!

Justin M (mx) wrote: Its a pretty good action movie. The plot is pretty good too.

Timm S (ru) wrote: This One Hasn't Aged Well At All. But That Said, The Robin Character Looked Fantastic & Her Dance Routine With Mark (Jim Carey) Was Nicely Choreographed. The Story Itself Had A Chronically Bad Scooby-Doo, Kids Solving The Case Quality To It All..Alongside A Very Trash-80s Soundtrack. Overall I Didn't Enjoy It, That's Why I'm Scoring It Pretty Damn Low.

Nate T (ca) wrote: Fun escapism here. The only hiccup is kind of a major one: pacing is slow.

Paul J (br) wrote: A great nostalgic look back at Fellini's memories. Magical, funny, sad and bittersweet. There isn't so much a narrative but rather an assortment of episodic memoirs. The humor is bizarre, at times offensive (in a good way) and always filtered through a nostalgic viewpoint, that elevates life to something grander. Both Cinema Paradiso and Woody Allen's Radio Days owe something to this love story about the past.

Tara H (fr) wrote: Action, romance, comedy, music - Rio Bravo has it all. A masterful Western.

Timothy D (ag) wrote: One of those films that was funny when it was made, is funny now, and will be funny years from now. Not like some of the "comedies" people attempt to make now.

Dane P (fr) wrote: One of the least scary horror films ever. Exorcist 2 tries hard but the story is far too complicated messy and is confusing to the audience. The music has some good bits but theres this annoying "HEEEEHAAAHEAAAAHHAEE" which is everywhere through the film.... But then again.... Unintentionally hilarious, never boring so bad its good flick with some pretty unique visuals included. Watch with a buddy and laugh along