The Apple

The Apple

After twelve years of imprisonment by their own parents, two sisters are finally released by social workers to face the outside world for the first time.

After twelve years of imprisonment by their own parents, two sisters are finally released by social workers to face the outside world for the first time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caroline N (it) wrote: OK. to all those that didn't get it, maybe because it's Dutch with subtitles, this is a PARODY(!), kind of like Shaun of the Dead. I, for one, thought it was funny, but then again I am European and I guess we have a different sense of humor. Oh, and BTW, the brothers are not jail-birds, they ended up in jail for getting into it with some guy at a party, who "sicked" his two "henchmen (very, very loose term here) on the brothers for hitting his girlfriend in the head with a soccer ball, knocking her out. The four guys end up in jail for the night when the satellite crashes into Aziz's former place of employment, trapping his girlfriend there, obviously in need of rescue. Boy, how I wish people would actually watch the damned flick before giving the 411 about it AND/OR giving their 1 cent (yep, I wrote 1 cent, because that's all it's worth) in form of reviews. For more info, check out the wiki entry under the original name of the flick "Zombibi", where it is described as a "Dutch splatter comedy". Honestly though, those folks unable to comprehend that this is a comedy within the first couple of minutes, are, IMHO, idiots; and maybe idiots aren't the best people to review movies, or anything for that matter.

Daryl V (kr) wrote: A magically queer and romantic love triangle from of all places, Russia. Damir Badmajew is ADORABLE!!

Eric M (mx) wrote: Quintessential 80's movie. What it lacks in story, acting, and substance, it makes up for in fun and laughs. How could you not like the Fat Boys? Look near the end for a cameo from the Beach Boys.

Branka (br) wrote: the story is actually good, well the idea, bt the dialogoues arent good enough, the actors could have been better, the acting is poor in most of the scenes, the hospital scenes are not convincing..marla sokolof could have played her role better..jason alexander actually turned out to be the only decent actor in the movie..

Russell G (kr) wrote: fantastic noir about a mans actions during WW2 coming back to haunt him. Robert Ryan is fantastic as always as the heavy, and eveyone else fits in nicely. starts off with a bang and the menace doesn't let up till the end. Recommened.

Michael C (br) wrote: Wonderful look at fame and success and how what matters is what is within, not what comes to you externally. Hedy Lamarr is gorgeous and Judy Garland is terrific!

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: Carl Reiner's homage to film noir has Steve Martin as a detective on a case, acting and reacting to selected bits of classic noir. If only there was a method to the madness ... but there isn't. You've heard of Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein, yes? But this film is not celebrated like that, is it? Well, there's a reason. This isn't that good, is all.

Private U (mx) wrote: interesting plot. cool music!

Jake N (fr) wrote: Another Coen classic.