The Apple War

The Apple War

A German businessman wants to buy land in southern Sweden for a gigantic amusement park, his new project called "Deutschneyland" (a wordplay of Deutschland and Disneyland). Some of the locals dislike the idea, including the magically talented Lindberg family, and work to frustrate the development plans.

A German business man, Volkswagner, comes to Österlen in the south of Sweden to build Deutschneyland, a gigantic amusement park for German tourists. The local councilors and the member of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny C (mx) wrote: I ask people what his name is, and most people can't tell me. I love it.

Dorian C (mx) wrote: Not a good movie....original was better

Jayakrishnan R (it) wrote: 98% My name is Khan is one of the best Hindi films that I have seen in my life and it is one amongst my favourite Hindi films along with 3 idiots released the same year. My name is Khan is a strong reflection about the anti-Muslim movement that propagated all along America after September 11 2001 massacre. You should know that I am not a Muslim and more than that I am an atheist. I hold no religious agenda. My name is Khan is set around an incident or a massacre very similar to the September 11 incident, in fact it is terrorism and it is about an attack on a building as large as the World Trade Center. A man( Shah Rukh Khan) who is slightly mentally disabled because of some sort of syndrome looses every thing in life because of the anti-Muslim events that occurred in USA after the above mentioned incident and he sets out himself on a mission to meet the American president and tell him 'My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist'. One of the best things about this film is that it shows no religion or no sect of people as evil and stays un-biased through out the length of the film by showing good and bad sides of all religions involved and thereby maintaining a clear balance throughout. This is a striking story about revolution, will of human mind and a different look at mental illness. Some plot twists may seem too tragic and harsh and they tend to waver so much, but it can all be forgiven, forgotten because of a masterly performance from Shah Rukh Khan. This film also tackles a lot of the social issues and natural calamities, like the storms and continuous floods in Florida for an example. This is a must watch for all the people who love Indian films and Shah Rukh Khan.

Lindsey L (ag) wrote: STEVE! STEVE! STEVE! STEVE!

Claire L (it) wrote: This is a movie for fans of skiing and snowboarding. I appreciate the sports and the skill involved, but I'm not one of those people that gets excited about jumps and such. With that being said, I enjoyed this for the story (and I will admit I cried). Kellan Lutz is hot, as always, and his friendship with Eric Lively is really believeable.

Anna S (kr) wrote: Film qui m'a beaucoup marque. Histoire horrible.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Reteaming Howard Hawks with John Wayne after their successful pairing on Rio Bravo, El Dorado sounded like another promising western.John Wayne western vehicles have a very common tendency to be conventional, but I can happily say that El Dorado stand out as being one of his significantly better and more innovative films. This is because of the production values, the sense of humour and the talented cast. It still adheres to many western conventions such as a simplistic story which is rather familiar to Rio Bravo, but the fact is that there is just too much talent on board for El Dorado to do anything but embrace it all.El Dorado does not revolve solely around John Wayne as there are multiple strong characters at the heart of the film, meaning that the script is automatically more interesting as it gives challenges to a talented cast. There are more relevant characters to the story and not just a bunch of archetypes, and many of them have there own interesting tale behind them. But best of all, the dialogue and many of the situations also benefit from a touch of comic charm. This fits into the narrative very naturally and lightens the mood as well. The humour in the film is light and does not detract from the serious nature of the story, yet it remains genuinely funny. As a result, El Dorado hardly suffers from the western convention of a slow pace. It does have some moments where things are a little dull, but that's to be expected. The humour however, is not, and so it comes off as innovative. This makes the film easier to watch, and it therefore prevents the experience from dragging on much of the time.And in an improvement over Rio Bravo, El Dorado spreads its action out better. The story is significantly shorter, and the action is spread out sensibly instead of all happening at once during the final climax. There is sensible time given to the buildup of the action as well as there are times when audiences are given preparation for what comes in some scenes while getting instantly surprised in others. Yet what is most impressive about the action is the genuine quality of it. The shootouts in El Dorado are more versatile than the average western because they occur in a variety of settings. The first major large scale shootout of the film occurs in and around a church, and the location is capitalized on through versatile use of imagery and props for both visual and practical appeal. As well as that, there is a greater use of weapons in the story, particularly as Mississippi makes use of a heavy action Shotgun and a knife instead of a conventional revolver. The action in El Dorado is more creative than I could have expected, and since there is strong stunt involvement from the cast members as well as production values which are capitalized on to the maximum extent with broken windows and a light touch of blood, the action is actually exhilarating in El Dorado. This adds a lot of credibility to the narrative and genuine entertainment value to the experience. The action capitalizes on the impressive production values of the film to maximum extent as all the marvelous scenery, production design and costumes put a strong level of colour into the film. It is all very detailed, and the lighting captures it all with a bright sense of western life in both the day and nighttime which really captures the beauty in it all.And as the screenplay is chock full of strong characters, the cast in El Dorado really shine.John Wayne is excellent in El Dorado. No stranger to cowboy roles, John Wayne's performance in El Dorado reminds us why it's what he does best. He still has his iconic sophisticated demeanour about him, but he plays with it a bit this time. His character is an fearless patriot, but he comes with the vulnerability of an aging hero past his former glory to complicate the role. John Wayne manages to successfully prove himself both charming with his line delivery at some moments while thoroughly intimidating at others. The balance is grand, and it makes him unpredictable yet most welcome as the lead. John Wayne puts a strong level of depth into his character which combines his iconic charms as an actor with some the elements he explored in his revisionist films which are more aggressive, though they still remain subtle. And of course, John Wayne knows how to grip his weapon with confidence and a lack of fear in pulling the trigger. Frankly, John Wayne's instinctive charm is all too welcome in El Dorado as always, and the fact that he puts an effort into making working the comedy reminds us that his charm is still alive.Robert Mitchum makes a powerful lead as well. While it seems like at first Robert Mitchum is present for comic relief, the humourous nature of his edge proves to just be a deadpan element of the character. In actual fact, Robert Mitchum delivers the same level of intense gritty he is iconic for in El Dorado, and he does it in the context of a broken down drunk. Robert Mitchum's performance makes a strong contrast to the effort of John Wayne as both are determined cowboys bent on fighting for the law. Robert Mitchum manages to successfully convey the archetype of a damaged old man conflicted and lost in the west but still willing to take a stand, sharing a powerful chemistry with the surrounding cast and adding his own level of depth into the film.The instant James Caan walks on screen, he absolutely steals it. With his handsome young appeal, James Caan is a sight to behold when he enters the story walking tall. He instantly delivers his lines with firm tenacious grit and convincing southern charm. Teamed up with John Wayne, James Caan makes a powerful pair with the western legend because he evokes memories to the actor in his younger days while carrying a distinct charm of his own at the same time. It is refreshing to see such a great actor taking on cowboy role from before his 1971 Academy Award nomination for The Godfather because it proves early on what his talents are truly all about, be it making the drama of El Dorado more intense or bringing excitement to the film with the way he battles the outlaws alongside John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. His effort is made all the more impressive by the fact that he refuses to play second fiddle to them and makes himself into an awesome action hero and capable comic foil who really stands out as a memorable presence. James Caan delivers one of his finest young performances in El Dorado, and his energy is wonderful.So though El Dorado is not completely bereft of convention, it rises above the standard for most John Wayne western vehicles thanks to exceeding work from him, Robert Mitchum and James Caan with a screenplay that has a charming humourous touch and high quality action.

Kyle F (ag) wrote: Outstanding and heart breaking film.

Chanda H (de) wrote: Ohhhhh Myyyyy Goooosssshhhhhhh I love this movie!!!! I know it may not be popular, but damnit, it's AMAZING!!! If you haven't already seen it.. I suggest you do so =)

Kevin B (gb) wrote: Not even Michael Ironside as a first-class psycho or William Shatner as, well...William Shatner can save this so-so thriller from mediocrity.

mike p (ca) wrote: A bit of a mixed bag with this one. Its a damn good movie thats bogged down by one of the worst spaghetti western scores ive ever heard in my life. And its composed by three rather competant fellows, Fabio Frizzi, Franco Bixio and Vince Tempera. Its rather 70's rock-folk in a bad way. There are some cool orchestral pieces but the sung songs really annoy! This ones got a great cast with Fabio Testi, Tomas Milian and the very underrated genius of Michael J Pollard. Pollard i felt was underused and so was Milian's character. Milian says he was cast to cash in on his name. Although his role is great and he does sadistic almost too well. He has some of his finest moments here when playing off of Pollard. Fulci is an amazing director and this film is full of trademark Fulci style thanks in part to cinematographer, and Fulci regular, Sergio Salvati. From the soft interior lighting to the close up shots. This is a pretty surreal film for Fulci.. It seems he could not make up his mind were he wanted this one to go atmospherically. The last act stalls and looses pace when we spend waay too much time in snowbound mining town were there is no woman in sight and the men like it that way. The last 7 minutes make up for it though.

Tommy H (jp) wrote: If you don't go into it already a fan of old movies Panic In The Streets might put you to sleep. I liked it. Jack Palance was the best thing about it. I wish the movie was just about his sub-plot. A movie about Jack Palance as a criminal card shark while people are dropping dead all around him from the plague. Now that's a movie I want to see. The main story is about finding the carrier of the plague before it spreads. It's interesting because, like the title suggests, the doctor doesn't want to cause panic by talking about the plague, but it's hard to get answers about the infected because he's an illegal alien, so both sides of every interview has secrets they want to hide. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is formulaic. If you've seen one movie about the start of a contagious disease you've seen them all. But the movie gets credit for being one of the first. Could have used a little more action, though.

Dan H (au) wrote: A creepy, weird nightmare. The story itself is fairly simple: Dr. Caligari (Werner Krauss) comes to town to perform with his somnambulist Cesare (Conrad Veidt). The night they arrive, mysterious murders start to occur. Could it all be connected? The sets are large, surrealistic/impressionistic masterpieces, and it feels as if the characters are stuck in a waking nightmare. Dr. Caligari and Cesare are both incredibly creepy dudes, with Caligari himself easily stealing the show. He commands the screen whenever he is on. Krauss' performance has become iconic, the stuff of nightmares. Many call this the first true horror film, and it very well may be. It's incredibly moody, atmospheric, surreal, nightmarish and creepy. While it is a simple tale when we get right down to it, I still found it to be a haunting film that will likely stick with me for quite some time.

Mike A (jp) wrote: My favorite of the series. Many prefer Raiders (which is also a masterpiece), but, I feel you just can't beat Sean Connery as the best Indy sidekick of all time. Their interplay is hilarious throughout. And who better to play Indy's Dad than James Bond?

Rawballs B (it) wrote: Berry is so sexy engaging her character as a money hot sh*t!... =D

Olivier B (de) wrote: Surprisingly moving and funny.