The Apprentice

The Apprentice

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Charles D (ca) wrote: The Matrix reboot but with more plot holes and very pointless, mindless action sequences that serve only to fill time and disrupt the interesting parts. Hate Juno's casting. The visual effects were ok. Plot and several remarkable details stolen from or developed in parallel with a Duck Tales comic- seriously.

Tara S (us) wrote: this is a crazy movie that I loved

Craig J (es) wrote: I found this movie very interesting.

Connor H (fr) wrote: My favourite of the original Planet Of The Apes films so far.

Connor B (kr) wrote: A tad more tolerable than Superman III at first, but like the latter film, left me feeling incensed afterwards; not because of how silly it was intentionally, but because of how noble the film clearly wanted to be, but was degenerated by its stupid special effects, silly storyline, implausible creation of its main villain, and feeling of incompleteness.

John W (mx) wrote: Such a stupid freaking wonderful awesome movie....realized I had never written a review, so I hopped on it like a spider monkey. John C. Reilly is perfect in this movie, just like Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt.