The Archimedes Principle

The Archimedes Principle


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Steve W (ru) wrote: Mrs. Mal-soo is a widowed 74 year old woman, who is at odds with her daughter-in-law. Her family is about to ship her off to a nursing home, until she visits an old timey photo studio. The magic photographer shaves off 50 years and turns her back into a 24 year old. After adjusting to her newfound youth, Mal-soo decides to to enjoy her second shot at life.Mixing themes of regret and paternal love for one's child, Miss Granny hits all the right notes in heartfelt and hilarious ways. Its essentially the movie Big (1988), but in reverse. Miss Granny is a grand hit, with some great satirical jabs at Korean society. (k-pop groups, korean dramas, etc)

Andrew B (jp) wrote: So slight disclaimer going into this.... This is probably my favorite movie. Is it fairly arbitrary to pick a favorite movie when I've seen hundreds? Yes. But screw it, it's my life and I'll cry if I want to.Why is a slightly controversial lesbian drama my favorite movie you might ask? Well for one I think its an absolutely fantastic lesbian drama, and two I think it's a lot more than that. It's more about accepting that the world might not accept you and that it might not be anyone's fault but your own that it doesn't. I probably projecting but screw it you're now on the second paragraph of my useless movie review.The movie looks like a painting at parts, beautifully framed and composed, and there's a stunning attention to detail that tricks you into thinking its overly natural. The dialogue (at lest as it's subtitled) is very minimal and realistic.Now moving on to spoilers:Life's trash. Everything beautiful dies. Why even try.Great Movie.

Subhadeep D (it) wrote: fantastic film after a long time from the bhatt camp.................powerpact performance by prashant narayan and emraan hashmi..............great directing and a pacy screenplay................thumbs up............

Jens T (us) wrote: La Rafle is not as bad as the critics says it is, but it's not quiet at the top either. Some critics have pointed out that the movie forces us to cry with help from it's musical score, but I didn't even notice the music at all, probably because of the plot itself makes you cry. It also includes two great preformances by Jean Reno and the very promising preformance by actress Mlanie Laurent. The movie also features some good preformances by children. Thumbs up.

DJ J (ca) wrote: Not the best movie I ever seen, but it was funny at times and I enjoyed watching it.

David C (ag) wrote: Some filmmakers revel in the idea of "the perfect crime." Joel and Ethan Coen, on the other hand, tell stories about half-baked crimes that go terribly, grimly, outrageously wrong. Already in "Blood Simple," the first film credit for the Coen brothers and for their frequent collaborator Frances McDormand, the elements of their grisly but sardonic formula were in place. An unassuming rural setting (the film was shot in and around Austin, but only in its least populous corners), pitiful and pitiable suckers caught up in a mess of their own inept devising, double crosses, and the joyously choreographed juxtaposition of popular music with violence. The latter has become something of a clich, thanks to heavy rotation not only in Coen brothers movies but in Quentin Tarantino films, prestige TV dramas, and so on, but few examples are as effectively jarring as the sudden, celebratory intrusion of "Same Old Song" by The Four Tops into "Blood Simple."For the most part, though, "Blood Simple" emphasizes the sadness of its characters over humor. The tone is therefore closer to the Coens' Oscar-winning "No Country for Old Men" than to "Fargo," despite the presence of McDormand as a thickly-accented, gun-toting center both here and in the latter film. Given the Coens' flair for wordplay, of which there are glimmers here in an opening voice-over, it is notable that the most intense scenes in "Blood Simple" are virtually silent. Midway through, an increasingly grotesque sequence depicts a ham-fisted murder attempt and a messy cover-up. This long segment is full of brilliant visual misdirection; every time we're sure we know what's coming, and a new and more horrible possibility is introduced instead. The looks exchanged between John Getz's "Ray" and Dan Hedaya's "Marty" don't say much, because communication would ruin the farcical spiral of misunderstandings that drives the rest of the film. Their faces, therefore, reveal only raw feelings: the pain, fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, and jealousy that define their characters.There is, then, more brooding here than in later Coen productions, which usually have more comic relief and do not drag out their carnage to quite the same extent. But although the Coens have tinkered with the balance of their engaging formula, they have seldom abandoned it, and in many ways "Blood Simple" feels like a far-sighted prevision of classics to come.

Mel J (gb) wrote: One of the worst movies ever. What a waste of time.

Kim H (ca) wrote: I had the misfortune of seeing this movie one rainy day. It was the absolute worst movie I've ever seen. The acting was awful. Predictable and even the music was terrible. The wardrobe, however was worth a look. Don't waste a minute of your time.....