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A brief look at the world's largest vinyl record collection and the current state of the American record industry.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2009
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A brief look at the world's largest vinyl record collection and the current state of the American record industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CodyCarol R (es) wrote: This is an amazing movie for adults and teens. Based on a true story, the movie draws you in and leads you through a very compelling drama to a surprising conclusion.

Tero H (br) wrote: The acting is well above average, the plot is interesting and the movie is well directed. Despite it's attempt to create a genuinely realistic drama, however the movie seemed to convey the idea that the US is the ONLY country worth living in.Ford's and Sturgess's are clearly the most visible acting performances. There are also several scenes with rather crude behavior and language, and some of the stories in the movie weren't that interesting for me. Gets a bit stale a bit too quickly.The story of the arab girl who was extradited out of her country because of anti-US statements and especially the scene with the atheist applicant for the job of the jewish teacher were quite intriguing, though.There are several moments in the film which don't seem believable, but mostly the movie flows on seamlessly onwards and is quality drama.

EQ R (gb) wrote: This is a great example of an "indie" film, low budget, simple concept and mostly great execution. Simple story of two baseball players making their way through a zombie apocalypse. Mostly a good "dramedy" road trip movie with a little zombie for good measure. Although it dragged in a few scenes, the performances and simple concept with some good camera work make this a very good addition to the indie horror genre. B

Yasuka H (ru) wrote: An incredible and innovative story plot that is quite uplifting with plenty of ass kicking action from beautiful women.

Edgar C (au) wrote: Seul Contre Tous is much more than just a sequel to Carn (1991). Way much more...For those that missed Carn, the film opens with a quick recap of everything that happened in the first installment, and then more. It then moves on with life. It takes less than 5 minutes to realize that No is using exactly the same visual techniques that he had used 7 years ago. That is something quite surprising; indeed, what stands out from Carn is its use of editing that assaults the senses quite pervasively: juxtaposition of aggressive images with comedic ones, the sound of a loud "BANG" while making a close-up to an object or person at the speed of light, and maybe using another "BANG" to return to its original position. You could describe it as "unstable", which is good, given the increasing psychological instability of the character. But it is surprising because you would expect the film to acquire new techniques, and it seemingly doesn't.But it takes around 30 minutes to realize that this is one huge step forward compared to Carn, and that the beginning was definitely not bullshitting. The film opens with the moral microuniverse that will invade the entire collapse show for 93 minutes: to each his own Morality, to each his own Justice. That fucking moral relativity. It exists. Everybody lives according to his own principles, away from God, and therefore turning the world upside down. "This is my moral; moral is this", says a man in a bar taking out his gun and displaying it publically. That is his means to execute justice against any other uniformed man that challenges his moral.That was clear for the Butcher since the insane climax of Carn, but this film kicks off with that insanity and never lets go. Progressively, it becomes a nihilistic discourse about the irreversible state of the rotten human condition, which is egotistical, exploitative and perverted above all things. It is a fundamentalist perspective about a world collapsing, and this undeniable collapse becomes internal in his mind, which also begins to distort things and to shift from one harmful moral to the next one every single day. This nihilism involves repulsion against human relationships, opportunism, politics, microeconomics, family and relatives, having a job, domestic life, and God.Beyond the technical stunts seen 7 years ago, No fortunately implements new ones, which show random people sporadically, somehow related with the Butcher, with a documentary tone. The shots are longer and adopt the form of tracking shots that are interrupted by an aggressive external stimulus. Or sometimes, it just stays still for quite a time, because necessary emphasis must be made in a situation or a character saying something. This entire emotional build-up with tints of anarchy culminates in what is one of the most emotionally disturbing conclusions of the decade, where neither two of the possibilities presented (the real and the imagined) are suitable in an ideal world. Both are damaging in unimaginable levels.For those that want to know the actual ending of this story, watch the opening of Irrversible (2002), which is, indeed, pessimistic as fuck, and ironically, the ending of Irrversible. The Butcher could never cope with the world, and therefore embraces philosophical perspectives of life to masquerade his self-destructive frustration instead of accepting it directly and with no relativism regarding how lost his position is in this world. BAM!97/100

Tyler H (jp) wrote: Godfrey Ho is the Akira Kurosawa of terrible action cinema. This movie is underwhelmingly epic on every single level. Nothing much makes sense, and so many things about it are wrong but so right. The final fight sequence is horribly brilliant like a car wreck.

Cymberly B (nl) wrote: Probably the only "western" I'll really ever like so much.

Jack B (mx) wrote: average sequel to Chinatown

Sam B (fr) wrote: I can now class myself as a person who saw the pokey little spoof Dark Star, with a surprisingly clever plot, and some great production values for a student film. I couldn't figure out which planet they picked up that beach ball from...

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 64%Saw this on 16/11/16It's never too boring, but there's hardly any story in it nor can one find any satisfaction after watching it. The film's biggest drawback is that it fails to tell you why it exists, it seems to have no purpose.

Chloe C (au) wrote: frankly, a lil creepy when one realizes the madam has been alive all this time -- throughout centuries!! Duris was convincing in his role and, this is way better than Sherlock :)

Liam C (us) wrote: Analyse This is a very weird concept and on paper probably looked like it was never going to work, but it was green lighted and here we are. Featuring two stories of sorts, Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal play off of each other fantastically and really work well with each other. Robert De Niro's parody of his gangster persona is a treat to see and he really plays it well, not unlike Brando in 'The Freshman' and Billy Crystal is a laugh riot with a particularly awesome scene near the end of the movie where his acting reaches new heights and that scene in particular made me laugh the most. While the movie had great jokes I didn't find myself laughing all too often, in fact, the absurdity of the movie itself is so strange and unique that it just offers laughs anyway because of what transpires on screen, it's all so silly, but it works. I also love the scenes in which they parody the Godfather, there aren't many but they're great when they happen. Overall a delightful surprise and a great funny time.

Silvia L (gb) wrote: Burt Reynolds as always... I've seen better, I've seen worse...

Ville H (mx) wrote: No nyt oli huono. Elokuvasta noin 80% on pelkk ammuskelua. Ksikirjotus on ilmeisesti keksitty elokuvaa kuvattaessa lennosta. Ja nyttelijt, hohhoijaa.