The Arrangement

The Arrangement

Eddie is a very rich man who has everything he wants; money, family, success. But a car crash is all that needs to make him reconsider the life he leads. Searching for the happiness he lost, he remembers his one time lover, Gwen. Meanwhile his wife conspires to take his fortune.

Eddie is a very rich man who has everything he wants; money, family, success, but a car crash causes him to reevaluate the life he leads. Searching for the happiness he lost, he remembers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiago O (gb) wrote: One of those unpretentious movies that gets us to tears. Recommended.

Jason K (us) wrote: If you can get over the constant bible overtones (and for fucks sake there are alot of people who need to be punched in the face here) this is a solid story. I wanna say fairly original with some actual scares in makeup, lighting and camera work (rare these days with cgi shit all over) and prob the one thing that sets it apart from most and in my select group of movies is that they weren't afraid to plug in a ending that the censors would hate. kudos film that doesnt give a damn. ps. why the hell is Adam Goldberg in this?

Alan K (fr) wrote: Fantastic take on the quantum theory trope. Reminds me of the groundhog day episode of stargate.

Claire L (ca) wrote: Not what I was expecting from James Franco. I normally love his work, but I found this one to be lacking something. Usually don't like the movies that rely on drug scenes, but I did find the circle that the brothers encountered quite suiting for their relationship. I'm glad I watched it, but I wouldn't sit through it again.

Richie P (us) wrote: completely cheesey. the cgi isn't that great but the monster is kind of fun. love the leaping action! generic score.

Jon K (gb) wrote: Emillio back when he still made movies. He didn't have a whole lot of range back then but still he was great in this. With it's Robinhood/Billy the Kid type feel Estavez plays a kid in his early twenties with absolutely no direction or ambition to do what his parents and what society think is the right thing. He here about people losing thier jobs, businesses closing so he goes on the war path against the banks and coporate America. There is some cool action and Demi Moore before the implants. Check this movie out, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

Mikaela H (de) wrote: I absolutely LOVE this movie!!

Carl M (de) wrote: Two of Earth's most brilliant scientists are whisked away to aid an alien race in their interplanetary war in THIS ISLAND EARTH! Upon release, this Science Fiction classic stunned audiences with its incredible array of special effects presented in eye-popping Technicolor, but behind the visual appeal lies a thought-provoking storyline and an admirable list of characters who bring the film up from the usual 1950's fare. The alien struggle in THIS ISLAND EARTH serves as a microcosm for our own fears of nuclear devastation entering the Cold War. The uranium deposits that the Metalunans have come to Earth to mine would only be used to create weapons of mass destruction against their enemies, but as we come to find, this only leads to the complete annihilation of both races. THIS ISLAND EARTH features a great cast led by Jeff Morrow in the role of Exeter, Faith Domergue as Dr. Ruth Adams, and Rex Reason as Dr. Cal Meachum. It also includes some of the most memorable monsters from the era: The mutant slaves of the Metalunans. Certainly a must-see for all Science Fiction fans.

Gergely K (it) wrote: jabb Troma kedvenc egy gyilkos, szadista regasszonnyal a f'szerepben.