The Arrested Development Documentary Project

The Arrested Development Documentary Project

Featuring interviews from major cast and crew members, along with 200 fans from across the country, this documentary tells the whole story of this amazing and one of a kind tv show.

A history of this one-of-a-kind show told through interviews with cast, crew, and the fans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Arrested Development Documentary Project torrent reviews

Al H (nl) wrote: The Blair witch with action.

Jon W (ru) wrote: At first I didn't like the movie, considered just turning it off. In the end it just kind of makes you think. I can relate to Jay Baruchel's character a bit with just feeling like I have bad luck. You gain some perspective in the end.

Joe R (es) wrote: It was a revealing look at this infamous poet/writer of the late 20th century. It was excellent, honest and informative documentary about his life. He was a really weird dude. He had a totally dysfunctional childhood, was physically abused and had other issues He was an alcoholic in his adult life, oddly vulgar, had distorted views on life, sex, people, etc, but was prolific in his writing. It was like an obsession. He had to drink and write every day. Many famous people consider him a literary giant, but he doesn't fit into the typical image/style of a poet/writer (if there is any such thing as typical) What made his fame understandable to me was the "de-Disnification" comment. The idea was that where Disney creates a grossly idealistic image of humanity with happy perfect goodness everywhere. Bukowski portrays an opposing dark and painful view of reality.

Dan O (gb) wrote: This movie had the right amount of LT but was sorely lacking on awesome fight scenes.

Joseph N (au) wrote: Deserves better than what it gets.

Dylan W (fr) wrote: A great movie about showbuisness and friendship that has Pater O' Tool dominating the show with one of his finest performances.

Ravan A (au) wrote: "Jesus help me: cause man won't" says at the beginning of the film, one of the characters played by the writer himself. A very insightful film into the maximum security prisons. A must for anyone over 18.

Anna N (mx) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

Alan W (kr) wrote: This is a great movie classic

Greg J (au) wrote: Not as great as the critics rating, but not bad either. Very hard to get in to and follow for the hypothetically challenged thinkers.

Dylan D (ag) wrote: Hancock is a solid, but not spectacular, film, one that is worth the effort thanks to a surprisingly focused and meaningful story. Parts of it work, others don't, but the underlying themes make the Hancock character one of the more interesting in recent memory. Will Smith turns in an adequate performance as the film's title character, and the film also features a seemingly endless supply of impressive visuals, if not a bit obscured by the jerky camera movements.

Claire H (de) wrote: People do not now what they are talking about criticizing The nut job. It's better than terrible Over the hedge.

Phil T (it) wrote: Interesting in a cheesy kind of way. Better than Mad Max!

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