The Arrival of Wang

The Arrival of Wang

An extraterrestrial has arrived on earth and it is up to the State to find out its motive, in the meantime, the interpreter has concerns.

An extraterrestrial has arrived on earth and it is up to the State to find out its motive, in the meantime, the interpreter has concerns. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert C (kr) wrote: There are two stories in this movie. The one about saving the club house is predictable and cliche, but the one about the loss of the main character's father is touching.

Esteban G (es) wrote: This film was somewhat entertaining thanks to Mila Kunis and Jon Heder, although Ben Gourley was not bad either. The movie is a bit weird and slow at first but it has its entertaining moments, especiailly when Jon Heder (who plays a hitchhicker who is searching for his real body because he thinks his soul belongs to a native american) appears in the film. Mila Kunis is always entertaining to watch as well, but the dream sequences for me were just too weird and I have to take a couple of stars away for that, just bad taste in my opinion. However the wrestling scene between Heder and Gourley was really funny and entertaining. Overall an OK film although a bit weird.

Brian P (fr) wrote: Idgaf what people I loved this movie if you like supercross you'll like this

Perry Joe G (au) wrote: A great new twist on Zombie movied. Very well done.

Cristi B (it) wrote: interesanta perechea asta, functioneaza

Hunter R (mx) wrote: I don't need a critic to tell me that this is a good movie. The Hurt Locker won the Oscar? I wonder who was getting the favor then? This movie depicts what most relationships don't have....TRUE LOVE!

Matt S (kr) wrote: [font=Comic Sans MS]I was reminded of much older films when watching Zatoichi which is testament to them and this. Not much else to say right now.... but i'll discuss any points you have. [/font]

Al M (jp) wrote: In the history of the giallo, The Bloodstained Shadow is not of great importance--it is not a masterpiece like other exailmples of the genre. It is a bit too long for a giallo and can perhaps become a little tedious, but it is still a fun and entertaining film for fans of the genre. That being said, if you are a fan of the genre, then you will most likely have a good time watching the film, for it features many delightful staples of this deprived sub-genre of horror: stylish direction, a score by Goblin, a priest harassed by unknown murderers, a clairvoyant who holds seances with the big wigs in town, an abortionist midwife, and a rich homosexual pedophile who seduces all the local boys into his service serve as only some of the debauched sidenotes of this murder mystery. Fun but forgettable, The Bloodstained Shadow will entertain giallo and Italian horror fans even if it doesn't leave a profound impression.

River W (gb) wrote: In a small highly trained Chinese squad, one soldier appears to be so weak and burdensome they GIVE her to the enemy. On our side, a soldier falls in love with her. Oh no, now love has come into war and both sides are meant to abandon their game and kill the love. The MACHINE that runs the game starts breaking down as soon as love unites. But how does it end? This movie is bursting with societal woes emergent of the 60's but doesn't wallow in them until perhaps the end. At 90 minutes and with such a broad cast, simple contrasts, great escalation, and tense war scenes, this is a great little package.

Sean S (us) wrote: Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy fantastic here.

Alex G (jp) wrote: Some incredible moments and a terrific exploration of growing older. That said, it always felt like there was something big missing here...and if you watch the deleted scenes you will see why. There is an overall softening to the narrative.

Nate T (es) wrote: Fun when Price and Carradine are on camera. Otherwise, one may be wondering what the hell did they let themselves in for by watching this. This may be a cut below Tales Of Terror (1962), but still is a cut above From A Whisper To A Scream (1987).