The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By

George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who's made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit.

George (Freddie Highmore) is a senior at a posh Manhattan prep school, but his disaffected attitude leaves little room for toeing the line. He then is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Celso A (gb) wrote: Impresionante Isabelle Huppert.....

Kimberley F (au) wrote: It's kind of terrible, but it's kind of entertaining also. It's a fun made for tv release.

Louis L (ca) wrote: Originally, I was hoping to see a cooking movie (per the title). But what this is is a con movie. The twist is that the mark (the diplomats) are actually very sympathetic (ok, verging on stereotypical ardent do-gooders) and the cons are also fairly sympathetic (doing what they do to get by).So, like a con movie, the comedy value is played up. The romance scenes are Bollywood cheesy and are good for a laugh (or several). And of course the straight woman says what it is.Clearly, they principles are not anyone's role model. Stella is corrupting and manipulative. Tannu starts off as an innocent, but her moral code is purely the result of family upbringing, and is easily subverted once she believes that her family has released her from those childish ways. (Thinking back on it, it would not be a stretch for that release to be contrived as part of the con). And generally, the cons feel entitled to all they can get off the naive, rich foreigners who are in their country.The marks are cast as naive (like all marks) although you get the sense that they know what they are in for, and have accepted it as a cost of business.Purely entertaining. Nothing deeper was intended. And fits is purpose well.

Cory P (nl) wrote: It was funny and if you love Black then you will love this but I thought he had other funnier stuff previously

Vinicius G (de) wrote: A natureza conta e reconta as mais belas histrias em todos os seus ciclos, sorte as invenes dos seres humanos conseguirem captar uma obra to potica e sublime.

Philip L (ca) wrote: There's something faintly disturbing about the five people in this film

Kevin T (kr) wrote: Based on a true story, a group of women imprisoned in a Japanese camp during World War II use music to fight back in the only way they can. The musical performances are haunting at times as the "vocal orchestra" presents classical music sung rather than played. The interactions of the various characters produces tensions at time that pull you into the film.

Anna Q (gb) wrote: This is one EFFED UP movie. And I love DB Sweeney.

Joewl L (jp) wrote: Oh no! Not the Stockholm syndrome. Love this movie!

Aaron M (us) wrote: I understand that its not a faithful film, but the powerful performances and the creepiness of this film make up for all its faults. I have never heard of a story so smart and so shocking as this one before.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Roger Moores first Bond doesn't do well to try win over hardcore fans in this very boring and silly film, Moore seems too up tight to play Bond he has what Bond should have like looks, Charm, Arrogance but when it's time for action he appears toothless, Speaking of the action apart from a good speed boat chase which was ruind by adding stereotypical redneck cops that made it just feel silly the rest what little there was isn't very good at all, The plot would of been good if had the right writers, It's over long, Had a silly ending and a silly watch gadget that made us feel like the 007 franchise is going in the wrong direction with its tongue in cheek humour that never works, God knows how Roger Moore was allowed to make more Bond films, The only thing that people will remember will be the soundtrack.

Byron B (fr) wrote: In the early days of rocket research and development, Fritz Lang with his then wife Thea von Harbou adapted her novel for the screen. It is not quite as full of stylistic touches as Metropolis, but this vision of future space travel is fairly plausible. The rocket launch, in particular, shows real consideration for the steps involved in future manned space flights. However, the story is pure fiction when it comes to why people would want to explore the moon. It is theorized by some that the moon could be the location of another Gold Rush. The plot involves a lot more melodrama than science fiction. Wolf Helius (Fritsch) is our main hero/space adventurer. He works with the discredited Professor Manfeldt (Pohl). There's a love triangle between Helius and his assistants Hans (Wangenheim) and Friede (Maurus), who are engaged to be married despite Helius and Friede secretly having unexplored feelings. Fritz Rasp, who was also a mysterious figure in Metropolis, plays an American man who goes by the name Walter Turner. The evil Turner blackmails Helius into moving forward with a mission to the moon. Later, a young stowaway is discovered on the rocket ship too. Will the professor be proven right about gold on the moon? Will Turner's scheme be successful? And will Helius or Hans end up with the beautiful and adventurous Friede??

Claire M (gb) wrote: As a Emma Roberts fan I knew that I was most likely going to love this. I also am a Jake T. Austin fan and again their partnership in this movie was so believable and incredible. I hated the part when they were separated but in the end everything worked out. Love!