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The Art of Selling


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Ben K (es) wrote: I Am Number Four attempts to begin an epic sci-fi franchise for teens, but the derivative plot and unmemorable characters make this prospect doubtful. The hero is an alien named John Smith disguised on Earth as a teenage boy (is this a Smallville remake?) with his alien protector and father figure, Henri (Timothy Olyphant). They are forced to stay on the move in order to evade evil aliens called Mogadorians. They have killed the first three of John's counterparts, and John is the fourth, hence the film's title. There are five more of his kind, whom John and Henri must seek out in order to survive.What follows is a passable yet forgettable sci-fi romp that has little to add to what has been done before. I Am Number Four hardly attempts to disguise the recycled story beats from classics in epic fantasy stories, treading in the footsteps of countless others. The film isn't without entertainment value however, as a character's small dog transforms into a gigantic beast and fights two equal opponents with hilarious results. The movie should have had more wackiness like that, instead of trying to reach for such lofty ambitions that just are not realistic.5/10(review originally posted on release, but has since been edited and improved by author on April 11, 2017)

Lisa W (fr) wrote: Ethan's rating. Highly recommended for tween boys.

Sunny S (jp) wrote: every pic is fantastic!!

Jim r (fr) wrote: While the story was not perfect, there were many good things about the movie. And although not exclusive to the Japanese culture (but is as common if not more in the Japanese culture) the story is about a family which fell apart after the mother died, the father and son not speaking to each other, and the father not being able to express his emotions openly... But upon finding out that his son is very ill, the father decides to go to China to film the Chinese folk opera "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" for his son, who the father finds out has taken an interest in Chinese folk opera. However, his trip takes many complications in itself just to film this opera. Even though the movie was Chinese produced, they were very respectful of the Japanese culture and had Japanese actors playing the Japanese parts and even had a Japanese crew. And even though the IMDB profile on the director, Yimou Zhang, says that he typically films about the dark side of life in rural China, this film gave a very positive image of China (although the submissive behavior of the prisoners seemed a bit creepy).

Matthew L (us) wrote: Vinnie Jones in good film shocker! Ably supported by an eclectic cast ranging from Lennox Lewis, to Patrick Bergin via The Who's Roger Daltrey.

Edwin L (ag) wrote: The movie ends at July2008, shot during SARS in 2003. I watched it during Olmpics 2008... I know why it's the best pick of Johnny To. It was really the movie of that year; in 2003, HK lost Anita, Leslie... a lot of why, a cartoon comedy+ some karma ideas.

Caleb J (ca) wrote: Is this the same old Manic Pixie Dream Girl story? Well, yes, but at least they had the common courtesy to give her a family this time... and it's got good music :)

MF J (jp) wrote: Nice little film , well directed, acted beautifully by an Angelina Jolie all blonde and sexy. This isn't the greatest film to hit the screens this year but it's for sure a pleasant comedy.

Hans J E (es) wrote: Here are four movies I've watched lately that are more or less for kids. The British movie was definitely the best pick.

Private U (gb) wrote: the book was soooo much better

Abdulai A (br) wrote: Yeah but you will laugh your head off

Richard D (nl) wrote: A+ material given B+ treatment. Monty Python's Flying Circus was introduced to North America by the filmed re-staging of the best of their TV show. Although the sketches are still wonderful, many of them suffer a bit from being run through again on film. They are definitely robbed of some of their energy and spontaneity. Along with Roman Polanski's "Macbeth", this was part of Playboy's brief foray into mainstream film production.

Pavandeep S (ag) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and set design, that alone warrants it as one of his highest points in his later life. The ending was a little bit pointless, Hollywood maybe but the entire starting of this film was personally one of fantastic noir.

Leonard D (us) wrote: Kevin James is about as hilarious as Dane Cook, and I'm being nice about that!

Grant S (it) wrote: A happily-married, but down on luck and money, couple, David and Diana Murphy (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore), go to Las Vegas. There they hope their luck will change and their financial problems will be over. They meet a powerful billionaire, John Gage (Robert Redford), who makes them an offer - one million dollars for one night with Diana...An interesting moral dilemma, and that's it. The theme was intriguing - will they?, won't they?, what would you do? Unfortunately that's all it remains - a moral dilemma, and one that is not explored very thoroughly or very well.The remainder of the movie just feels like filler. There is a brief moment, in the aftermath of their decision, where the movie looks like it might go somewhere substantial, but this is just a false start. Ultimately, the movie has nothing to say. No substance, and what style there is is just pure schmaltz at its most trite.

Nancy M (es) wrote: No stars...this movie is terrible! I can not believe that it was directed by Spike Lee. The camera angles suck, the dialogue is laughable, and I can not even watch it through to the end because it is just plain awful...

Casey L (ru) wrote: What are what we are ...

Angus R (jp) wrote: Despite being mostly, painfully boring storywise. It is one the best looking SF movies of the period. I must admit the director did a very good job with what little he had to work with. Smoke and mirrors, indeed.