The Art of Us

The Art of Us

Harper Higgins is determined to land a tenured position at Boston Art College, and she’s counting on curating a big art gallery at the university to do so. But when she loses her showcase artist and can find no one else, she turns to her recently-hired dog walker who, unbeknownst to anyone, is a skilled painter.

Sparks fly when a dog walker with hidden artistic talent becomes the subject of an art history professor's plans to Impress her employers at an art exhibition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry K (jp) wrote: Just because a movie is based on true events does not make it great. There are couple of scenes which may be considered uneasy, but the ride to them and the events after them are not worth it. This is two hours of life you'll wish you got back when it's all over. Is it sad this happened in the world? Yes. Is it messed up that someone could do these things? Sure. Is it a horrible movie? Another yup! Gonna watch anyway? You've been warned.

Blake P (fr) wrote: On her 75th birthday, Hlne (Scob) senses the end is near, and during the party summons her three children (Binoche, Berling, Renier) to decide what should become of her house and her priceless art collection. Sure enough, a week later she passes away, leaving the trio and their spouses with difficult duties. The ruling vote decides to sell the house, much to one of the siblings disgust, and to donate the art collection to a high class museum. But Hlne's death does more than just give difficult tasks to her children-- it helps them come to term with their own busy lives. "L'Huere d't" might sound like some sappy, sentimental family drama, but whoever is familiar with art house films might already be guessing that an Oliver Assayas would never succumb to clichs. And thankfully, he doesn't. Most similar movies have at least one award worthy performance, or a melodramatic script, but Assayas seems to make sure that his goal of making this a slice-of-life drama stays put. Though it may not boast the endless creativity of "Irma Vep" or the emotions of "Clean", "L'Huere d't" works because it is just so simple. The realness of it all really comes to his benefit, and with such a talented cast, almost nothing doesn't work. And with Assayas attentioin to artistic detail, this is a film likely to become a future classic in the art house world. "L'Huere d't" might not be the best film of anybody person involved with it, but it's still impressively unlike any other drama I've seen-- it's real and never manipulates us. Recommended.

Patrick S (it) wrote: The best surfing movie ever made

Damien K (jp) wrote: Brilliant and totally moving. The children in this movie were extremely talented.

Johannes J (ru) wrote: T-Dub: "I shoulda robbed people with my brain instead of a gun."

Amber H (ag) wrote: I loved Annette during middle school!!! She inspired aspirations to be a beach singing tv/movie star.

Bill T (ca) wrote: Not a bad Roger Vadim movie here. Here he takes on female vampires, and the plot has a woman being possessed by a centuries old vampire and bringing back the curse that has plagued a family for centureiws. Annette Vadim is certainly pretty to look at and the plot moves along briskly. So no complaints here.

Emma C (kr) wrote: This is an amazing movie I love the story I think it was played well and love that it was a true story I had heard about the story before and the movie was a great tribute to it although you will cry in the movie it is deeply sad.

Justin B (jp) wrote: What would have made a pretty great short is drawn out into a circuitous thriller that often fumbles it's many plot twists.

Kevin L (ca) wrote: The plot is over the top ridiculous with some great dialogue. I only wish Gary Oldman was in it more.