The Assignment

The Assignment

Jack Shaw (DONALD SUTHERLAND) has experienced the terror first-hand. He's a top CIA agent who's tracked international killer-for-hire Carlos "The Jackal" Sanchez for over twenty years and barely survived Carlos' devastating bombing of a Parisian cafe. Now, he finally gets a break when he discovers Carlos' dead ringer: American naval officer and dedicated family man Annibal Ramirez (AIDAN QUINN).

An American naval officer is recruited for an operation to eliminate his lookalike, the infamous terrorist Carlos The Jackal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kirk L (ag) wrote: Intriguing story carried by the three leads, particularly Oscar Isaac. Never quite hits the high notes it promises early on. Builds tension but doesn't deliver on a few moments, either rushing through some heavy plot points or dragging out an ending with a few strung together scenes that don't feel consistent with the rest of the movie. That said, some great moments and engrossing performances make it worth seeing. Boy Viggo looks like a skeleton head with ill-fitting skin stretched over it. What happened to him!?

InsertUname H (es) wrote: Everybody knows the smart-aleck overweight cat Garfield. He has an owner named John, has a dog who he lives with named Odie, and talks in thought bubbles. But what you didn't know about Garfield was "Garfield Gets Real", Garfield's initial jump into the realm of CGI. But with horrible animation, stale jokes, and one-star actors in tow, you would wish this tiger-striped feline would never make his way into 3-D in the first place. STORY This movie's first scene is when the lazy kitten himself wakes up from sleep. Garfield completes his daily routine, then out to the comic center to make the funnies. While on the job, Garfield wishes he could take a break from his job and become a real cat. When Garfield stumbles into the real world, he's amazed. From this storyline, Garfield Gets Real spawned 2 sequels. The story is what all Garfield fans have dreamed of, since they weren't satisfied with the original Garfield movie in 2004. This movie was not the big dream. In fact, Cartoon Network saw how "great" the show is and made an awful cartoon based off it. ACTING The acting makes you want to drown kittens, no joke. Garfield sounds like he is on a drug high and posessed by Satan. All the newspaper comic characters in the movie sound even worse, making you never to read the newspaper again. Garfield Gets Real tells you a clear message why Garfield's voice actor should never be replaced. This movie will make the Newspaper Comics section haunt your dreams. QUALITY The DVD cover says that Garfield Gets Real uses "amazing CGI animation". Garfield Gets Real looks like a bad game on the Nintendo Gamecube. How much time was put into this movie was awfully short, only making the animation for the movie in less than a few minutes. The quality of Garfield Gets Real will leave you crawling on all fours. DVD Garfield Gets Real was a straight-to-DVD release, but that factor still makes it a terrible movie. The DVD features are downright bad. SUMMARY It was a huge mistake for PAWS Inc. to make a worse movie than the first two Garfields. We thought we had enough of this cartoony cat in 2007, but PAWS just wanted to make Garfield Gets Real into a separate movie franchise and a TV show. Nice job, Garfield.

Bob K (nl) wrote: Another predictably bad Seagal movie. He was able to pull off movies when he surrounded himself with professional actors. This is not the case in Flight Of Fury.

Mark K (ru) wrote: No Eddie Murphy no movie.

Eric B (us) wrote: Another fun Batman animated film although it's one of the least best it's still good. They actually were pretty smart about the creation of Batwoman with a minor surprise ending.

Joe the Relentless (mx) wrote: Bad acting is to be expected in films like this, but good lord did it exceed every expectation. This film is a Sci-Fi channel pictures original with a little artsy tinge. My recommendation: complete avoidance.

Loraine D (ru) wrote: 2 brothers who found each other after years u must watch it to enjoy it

William A (ca) wrote: eva took a Sicilian ride before i did n live call me lucky lol

Jasper E (mx) wrote: Brilliant absolute the best film up yours you papnase you talk a load of codswollop you dont know what's the best movie I love this movie bloody grrreat

Luc L (fr) wrote: A revolutionary film that is quite dull.

Angela K (jp) wrote: too much of a soap opera for me!

Vance M (ag) wrote: This is good with some action. The favourite part of the movie is the fighting sceens. Rapper DMX, Isaiah Washington, Micheal Jai White, Steven Seagal, Anthony Anderson, Bill Duke, Jill Hennessy and Tom Arnold is in this movie. Allstar cast. I seen most of Steven Seagal movies and this is good as most of them. I grew up watching Steven Steagal movie. I give this movie two thumbs up. 4 stars.

Cara M (br) wrote: What a lovely, quiet movie. The simple, yet eloquent writing of this slice of life piece is elevated by a cast of truly phenomenal actors. The story softly careens through life's ebb and flow, as we experience the characters' love, joy, loss and renewal in earnest. Bittersweet and meloncholy, the film's arc resolves to a subtle optimism, with all the honesty most "feel good" movies lack. What a treat to watch Blythe Danner in a leading role, supported by this dream cast.

Edith N (it) wrote: Actually, Widowed From the Mob Somehow, I had gotten the impression that Alec Baldwin had a much bigger role in this than he does. I'm not sure where that came from; actually, I think Netflix gives him billing. This is largely because he is currently more famous than the three people who actually deserve billing. This was his fourth movie, however, and he gets whacked in the first twenty minutes. He was fresh from his major role in [i]Beetlejuice[/i], but no one involved in that movie was terribly famous at the time, either. He'd been on [i]Knots Landing[/i], so presumably he had that fan base going for him, but Matthew Modine had been in [i]Full Metal Jacket[/i]. Michelle Pfeiffer was in [i]Scarface[/i]. And of course Dean Stockwell has been acting since 1945. Even Joan Cusack, who played one of the other mob wives, had been in more movies than Alec Baldwin had at that point. Though even now, she hasn't really had any starring roles. Which is a pity, but perhaps we'll discuss it another time. Baldwin is "Cucumber" Frank de Marco, a minor mob hitman. He lives in an extremely tacky suburban home with his wife, Angela (Pfeiffer), and their son, Joey (Anthony J. Nici). Angela is getting frustrated with their life--"everything in this house fell off the back of a truck!"--but it turns out not to matter. Frank is having an affair with one Karen Lutnick (Nancy Travis), who is also the girlfriend of Tony "the Tiger" Russo (Stockwell). Frank's boss. And Frank is a little displeased about his girlfriend's affair, so he makes his displeasure known to the pair of them. At Frank's funeral, he proceeds to hit on Angela. Molest her, even. Angela gets blamed for it, even though she's obviously trying to push him away. So she packs up Joey and moves into a grotty apartment in Manhattan--where she's being spied on by FBI agents Mike Downey (Modine) and Ed Benitez (Oliver Platt). They think she's Tony's girlfriend and their ticket to a successful prosecution. She, on the other hand, is just trying to get by. I don't know how anyone could look at the interaction between Angela and Tony and think, "Yeah, that's a consensual relationship." At least not anyone rational. Tony's wife, Connie (Mercedes Ruehl), pretty much assumes that any woman who talks to Tony is sleeping with him. That's different. But Angela is actively struggling when she's cornered on the lawn at the funeral. It also strikes me that Angela has more sense than that--she doesn't strike me as the sort who would fool around with a married man at her own husband's funeral. It's entirely possible that she was considering walking out on Frank, though of course she didn't get around to it, but that doesn't mean she'd be that dumb. What's more, it must occur even to Connie that Tony is perfectly capable of setting Angela up in a better apartment than the one she rents in Manhattan. The evidence just doesn't fit with a relationship between the pair, and I'm a little confused at the sheer number of characters who think it does. We as Americans seem capable of having entirely contradictory heroic archetypes in our culture. Almost since the inception of organized crime in this country, mobsters are likely to appear in our fiction as heroes. At the same time, the archetype of the Heroic Lawman is embedded in our national psyche. I suppose the idea of a mob romantic comedy was the next logical step, with the mob widow falling for the G-man. And this is very much a comedy. Yes, there's violence. On the other hand, the first seriously violent scene felt like a dream sequence, and the other plays out as farce. One of the truths of our national obsession with criminals is that, when the criminals are the heroes, we don't take the crime seriously. Within the first five minutes of the film, Frank has murdered a man (Captain Haggerty) on orders from Tony, but that never really seems as important as the fact that Joey and Tony Junior (Jason Allen) are running a three-card monte racket in the backyard. Anyway it's more of the reason Angela wants to leave. Ultimately, the movie doesn't know what it wants to do with Angela. The romance between her and Mike doesn't work for me; Pfeiffer and Modine have no chemistry. And even if they did, I'm seriously concerned about the ethics of the situation. I'm not sure it's enough to get the case against Tony thrown out, but it's enough to destroy Mike's career. Angela could be made into a strong, powerful woman breaking free from a dangerous situation--and she still could have been funny. However, women aren't allowed to do that. Joey is only onstage when it's important to Angela as a character that she be a mother, and he is conveniently spending the night at a friend's house when she has a boyfriend over. (Though of course in movie, she only asks Mike out because she knows Joey won't be home that night.) I know a lot of men don't understand why women complain about this kind of thing, but think about what the movie could have done with Angela's character--and what they would have done to a male character in a similar situation, come to that.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Sorry Bruce but this one sucked...just plain awful and no Bruce Comedy either... only interesting part was a certain aspects uncanny resemblance to the Matrix, whats weirder is that this came out 11 years prior

li b (mx) wrote: This was definitely better than I had expected, but I'm still glad I didn't pay money to go and see it in a theater. Some good jokes, definitely, but also too long and towards the end, went a little bit too far (e.g. the deli sex scene and the frostbite injury). The role was not much of a stretch for Jason Segel at this point, while I felt Alison Brie's accent work was goofy, even though I like both of those actors. Chris Pratt either didn't have to act or just played himself, whichever way you see it, which is just as well. And Emily Blunt - well, she's all right but I just can't ever seem to get very invested in her characters. Basically, this film made me laugh a couple of times, groan with disgust a couple of times, and should have been 15-20 minutes shorter. Okay for TV or airplane viewing.

Tony P (de) wrote: One of those movies that I knew I would hate but ended up liking kinda like grown ups 2 good ideas I should do a review on that but this movie is really good and has the girl from Jessica jones which is pretty cool didn't know she had movies people say this is worth one watch and what I say to that is that is correct but the first watch makes you smile after a while it'll get boring. Just for extra hype there's one part where it makes you laugh so much hopefully you'll watch

Spencer P (br) wrote: Endlessly inventive, well-filmed, fantastically designed, and reasonably exciting, Terry Gilliam's time-travel (and reality-travel) adventure is an unequaled feat of pure imaginative entertainment.

Scott A (mx) wrote: I see a lot of amazing reviews for this one, and while the long movie flew by for me, my utter loathing of both Mafia films and films that feature NO redeeming characters probably made me feel less about this film than many.The acting is all great, with Penn playing an undercover cop fighting demons between doing what is right and looking out for his old friends. Oldman and Harris are just awful people here. Well acted, but I was hoping they'd get killed the entire film! Wright is gorgeous as a red head here, and I liked her for the most part, but then of course she becomes a cold wench in the end as well.That is why I have issues with Mafia films. So many characters turn out to be so unlikable. And this film is no different. In the end you really are left with no one to cheer for so to speak.The film is very violent, especially the final scene, and while I liked the story and acting, I just couldn't find anything in the film to much care about since all the characters were so cold.