The Assistants

The Assistants

Tinseltown has its movers and shakers, but they all first started somewhere as The Assistants in Hollywood. The Assistants is a new movie opening December 3. It's a story about a group of Hollywood assistants who use their positions to lie, con, and blackmail their way into producing their own movie. Though it's funny, certainly, there's also great truth in it. In the film, all these twentysomethings - wannabe actors, writers, directors, craftsmen, etc. - yearn, dream, hope and pray to one day be a success in the film business like those they work for and see all around them. Be careful what you wish for - particularly in Hollywood

A group of Hollywood assistants who strive for something bigger, conspire to make a movie behind their bosses' backs using their resources. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacey O (de) wrote: Has moments that are very well executed however, for me the pacing seemed off and for the first half of the movie the characters will really hard to like or care about. Considering the cast this movie should have been more.

Rosemary Y (fr) wrote: I thought this was going to be tragic...boy, was I wrong! Great movie!

Cynthia S (ag) wrote: Well, this was definitely a surprise! Dark, yes. Comedy, not so much. Really fantastic writing, and the slow development of characters that aren't contrived or condescending. Even as tired as I was while watching this, I could not stop watching. I found this story mesmerizing....well done.

Tishka F (es) wrote: I like a litte strange every once in a while ...

Alan U (fr) wrote: si, acepto que esta es la pelicula mas cheesy q tengo en mi coleccion, pero solo porqe uno de mis sueos es ir a la isla de santorini en grecia y esta pelicula me ofrece la posibilidad de viajar visualmente hasta alla por ahora :Pla cinematografia es buena, mas no excelente pero cumple su cometido.

Michael C (gb) wrote: Found this movie to be very entertaining. Full of humor and involved a plot that could actually happen. I would definately reccomend this to any fan of classic movies and it has a great cast.

Brian B (gb) wrote: A very enjoyable Disney classic about a misfit Great Dane puppy and four Dachshunds.

Aj V (ag) wrote: Yes this movie is insanely long, but it's also insanely fantastic too! I loved Loren and Heston together in this movie. The story is epic, and I'm surprised they haven't made more movies of it. I love this movie, and I highly recommend it.

Emmanuel L (jp) wrote: The scenario is as bad as the direction. nothing make any sense

Cesar G (ca) wrote: One of the most mature comedies and one of the most mature film of Judd Apatow. It has laughs but it also have tears and subject to think about, making this film a rare jewel.

stu b (nl) wrote: Absolute junk. Not scary, intriguing or vaguely interesting.

Zachary M (ru) wrote: Let's get this right out of the way, most of this movie is just fine. The acting is fine, the music is good, and the comedy while hit and miss (mostly miss for me) is still okay. However, I have one huge problem with the movie, its main character. I hated Anna Kendrick's character in this film. It's not bad acting, it has everything to do with the writing of the character. Entitled, whinny, angry for no reason, and up stuck as all get out. If you're given a free college education, free from debt, and given such great opportunities and you shit on them because it's not "your thing" then fuck you. It's one thing to make you dislike a main character and then have them go through growth and development, but I was so filled with disgust for this character that nothing that could have happened would have saved it for me. Petty, maybe, but I dare you to watch this and not feel the same about this whiny brat afterwards.

Sean P (de) wrote: Frankly the vision scenes were a bit distracting and there should have been a bit more interaction between the two psychics. The movie suffered because they held off too long to reveal the second psychic.