The Associate

The Associate

Laurel Ayres is a businesswoman trying to make it but unfortunately she works at a investment firm where she does all the work but all the senior investors like Frank Peterson grab all the credit. She then leaves and starts her own firm. While trying to find clients Laurel pretends that she has a male partner named Robert Cutty. And when she starts to do well all of her clients wants to meet Cutty which is difficult since he doesn't exist.

A comedy about making it on Wall Street. Prejudices are hard to break and Laurel Ayres quickly learns that in order for people to take her seriously she has to work for an older white man ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (jp) wrote: It was a really nice, really fun and really entertaining Disney live-action/animated family musical fantasy comedy adventure. It had really well done cinematography, really nice animation, really great special effects, really great cast, really fun songs, really great adventure, really nice humor, really great costumes and a really nice story. This is going to be one of my favorite Disney live-action/animated films of the 70s. I really recommend this movie to both children and adults.

kan T (ru) wrote: ok guzeldi be... yine kucuk insanlarin guzel hikayesi... bir finali var ki; ortada kotu birsey yokken deli gibi aglatti...

Anthony E (ru) wrote: this documentary was by far the best way i have ever wasted my time.

explodingboy1989 (br) wrote: Wow. I don't know, man. Dolph is usually fun, and he can carry a movie just by being Dolph, but even Dolph didn't seem like he was having too much fun here. 'Retrograde' has finally been released in the States after 5 years of being available in Europe. I can very much see why. This movie looks cheap. And I mean PM Entertainment cheap (that's saying a lot, because PM movies usually make Dolph's movies look like they have the production values of Jurassic Park in comparison); the story is tired (something about a mutant virus that has decimated the future, and Dolph is some dude from the future sent back in time to stop it, carnage ensues, etc...), and again, Dolph is just not "there." I don't think he felt the story, and I don't feel this either. Sorry, big guy. Gary Daniels, a great martial artist, is completely wasted here in a straight acting role as one of the explorers. I felt akin to how I felt watching the Crow: City of Angels, when the filmmakers had two great actors (the Yellow Ranger Trini and Iggy Pop) and DID NOTHING with them. That's Retrograde. Dolph doesn't do a whole lot here, and the rest of the movie is taken up by supporting characters and antagonists that the viewer could care less about. I'm glad I got this free @ Redbox, or I'd be giving it one star. As it's Dolph, it still gets two for the awesome jumpsuit he wears. But really, stay far away from this one and rent 'Missionary Man' instead.

Zaw M (br) wrote: The movie was fine. I had a good time watching it. But I gotta say this. Ben Stiller is awesome in this movie. He's the star of this movie.

Jason C (us) wrote: I still don't see how anyone can rate this less than five stars. Each time I see this it never loses its power and never stops being utterly compelling. As docs go this is one of the very best, the fact that these guys just happened to be in the midle of filming their own doc and the fact that they are seperated so we see what is going on both in the tower and out has to be fate or something.

Amethyst v (jp) wrote: an unconventional love story , not my type of movie but it was interesting what people would do in the name of love.

Scott C (nl) wrote: This is extremely forgettable. The main reason I wanted to see it was because of the involvement of director, Rob Cohen (The Fast and The Furious).

neil L (gb) wrote: Who wouldn't like The Godfather?

Tatiana S (nl) wrote: I can watch this movie a thousand times.. perfect

Jonathan A (nl) wrote: 100 times better than The Hunger Games.

Ian C (nl) wrote: JCVD's greatest film. The soundtrack by Paul Hertzog is the balls, especially the montage with the fighters training for the Kumite. So many quality fighters the little black fella who thinks he is a monkey (not been racist), a sumo wrestler, Paulo Tocha as a nasty as fuck Muay Thai boxer, a redneck beer monster, a rich playboy, a Saudi Prince and the nastiest cunt of a bad guy in Chong Li. So many moving moments. Such as when Dux declares he is going to win the kumite to honor his dying Shidoshi. I still wench every time I see that shin bone and a nice twitch off Leah Ayres. "That's why they call this thing bloodsport, kid!"