The Aviator

The Aviator

A biopic depicting the life of filmmaker and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes from 1927 to 1947, during which time he became a successful film producer and an aviation magnate, while simultaneously growing more unstable due to severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A biopic depicting phenomenal public success contrasts with private behaviors close to madness: Howard Hughes from the late 1920s to the late 1940s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurence H (nl) wrote: Such a sweet film. Miyazaki is a master at expressing innocence while dealing with more serious issues.

May C (jp) wrote: Jeg likte denne filmen utrolig godt!

Jessie F (nl) wrote: There are so many military errors in this movie it isn't even funny. I'm not sure if Justin Lin didn't do his research or it was done and he ignored it! The one that jumps out, at least to me, was you ALWAYS carry you cover under your left arm because you salute with your right. It would take up too much room to state the others.

Robbie N (fr) wrote: The third instalment to the Austin Powers trilogy; "Austin Powers in Goldmember" manages to sustain the infamous crudeness and raunchiness of it's predecessors. Mike Myers portrays four characters this time, and does so in hilarious fashion. Dr. Evil was perhaps the funniest I've seen him, and Austin Powers was as lovable as he's always been. However, not saying Michael Caine wasn't excellent, but the plot line of Austin Powers and his father was pretty ordinary, and Goldmember himself was pretty flat. Luckily, the movie didn't often fall flat, and most of the comedy was executed well. The third and final instalment to the Austin Powers is funny enough, as well being raunchy and slapstick enough to keep you mostly entertained.

Boo (de) wrote: An "OK" movie, but I would have liked a different ending.I did think it was kind of funny though, as it reminded me a bit of "True Romance" (nowhere near as good!)...and Christian Slater is in it.He does a good job playing bad guy, but it's still always strange for me to see him doing so.

Logan M (mx) wrote: The greatest mafia film ever made, and one of the greatest films ever.

Jens T (fr) wrote: Denys Arcand's Jesus of Montreal is about a new age theater group lead by the actor/director Daniel Coloumbe. Their job is to make a brand new stage adabtion of a play about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the play become a great successes among the critics and the audience. But the priest who come up with the idea of making a remake of the play, isn't very pleased with the play, because it goes against his believes. What will become of the play? Will it be shut down, or will it survive. Jesus of Montreal is a creative and fresh new look at religion and the evil circle of life that hasn't change since two thousand years ago. Thumbs Up.

Martin Z (it) wrote: A classic Sci Fi from the 80s

Eric F (ru) wrote: "The Passion of Anna" is the third film of Ingmar Bergman's "island" trilogy, along with "Hour of the Wolf" and "Shame". It's also Bergman's second ever color film, and it's as bleak as anything in his library. Andreas Winkelman (Max von Sydow) lives the life of a hermit on a barren island. He's an ex-con, his wife has left him (the details of the marriage are left ambiguous), and he's passionate about literature. We meet him while he's working on a roof that seems to never fix, and he then wills the sun away. Shortly thereafter, a neighbor, Anna Fromm (Liv Ullman), stops by. She has a terrible limp and relies on crutches to get her around. Andreas allows her to use the phone, but she ends up leaving her purse behind. Andreas can't resist looking into it, and he discovers a note written by her husband. He speaks of the destruction of the relationship and the misery it's causing, the "physical and psychical" pain. Andreas and Anna begin spending time together following the chance encounter. She tells him of the car crash that killed her husband and child and left her crippled. Suspiciously, however, she tells Andreas that the marriage was satisfying. Andreas doesn't let her know that he saw the letter. Anna introduces him to her friends, an upper middle class married couple, Eva (Bibi Andersson) and Elis Vergerus (Erland Josephson). Eva is tremendously insecure, while Elis has settled in with the world's suffering and accepts it for what it is. Elis befriends Andreas by showing him boxes filled with thousands of photographs, and Eva pursues a sexual relationship with Andreas.Meanwhile, a strange subplot involves a psychopath on the island who has been going around and killing animals. Early in the film, Andreas hears a yelp and finds a puppy hanging from a noose. Later on, a whole group of sheep are brutally slaughtered. Finally, a horse is set on fire. The residents of the island suspect a loner, Johan (Erik Hell), due to him being incredibly reserved and without pets. Although we know that the killer isn't Johan, we never do find out who it is. One might guess it's Elis, causing the brutality and photographing it, or the disturbed Anna. The culprit is not too significant, however, as these events reflect the unacknowledged despair of those on the island."The Passion of Anna" is highly successful as a brooding psychological drama, however it does falter at a few points. Bergman uses a technique in which he has the actors play themselves and discuss the characters they portray on film. While it helps us understand the characters from the screenplay's point of view, it leaves the audience with little to decide for themselves.

jay n (ag) wrote: Often ponderous and deathly slow but Liszt's music makes up for a great deal.

Martin A (es) wrote: Gary Cooper goes undercover to find a corrupt goings on within the Calvary,Enjoyable cowboy movie romp

Kenneth Tyler L (it) wrote: such an underrated masterpiece

Juan P (fr) wrote: If the Tomatometer had 6 stars only for one movie, I would use it for this one.Filled with entertainment, an amazing performance by Brad Pit and arguably one of the best villains a movie has ever had; Inglorious Basterds must be the ultimate absurd alternative history movie.

Boogie B (nl) wrote: A christmas movie the family and I enjoy watching every year.

Arseniy V (br) wrote: Another shallow, cookiecutter movie that looks at the potential-future-utopia versus status-quo topic and ultimately tries to convince us that (mild spoiler) anything but the status quo would be even worse. How easy is this for 1st-worlders to keep spouting? The juxtaposition of this topic's enormity and how little actually gets added with most every new such movie - never ceases to amaze me. Almost like it's just another mini-genre, with a very specific formula and a quota for how many such movies need hit the market each year or two.

Nair F (mx) wrote: Such a haunting film with very engaging performances, especially from the amazing Selma Blair

Four Star F (nl) wrote: Diner undoubtedly borrows from the earlier American Graffiti but that being said this film has its own host of interesting characters with its own unique vignettes and touches of nostalgia. Levinson's Baltimore is definitely personal much like Modesto meant a great deal to George Lucas.

Damian L (es) wrote: Very good sequel, despite the negative reviews. After all, this is Disney's attempt on the Direct to Sequel.

Claire T (ru) wrote: it was a good funny film but I don't think I'll want it on DVD, it was ok and Martin Lawerence and Tom Wilkinson starred in it, it was an ok movie but could have been slightly better, don't want to see it again