The Awakening

The Awakening

When a British archaeologist violates an Egyptian queen's tomb, her evil spirit enters his daughter.

An archeologist discovers his daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Egyptian queen. To save mankind he must destroy her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Awakening torrent reviews

Isa D (kr) wrote: This is a very original screenplay. I saw it and was impressed by the uniqueness of this true story. Guilliaume Gallienne is a member of the pretigious Comedie Francaise in Paris. This is the equivalent of being a member of the Royal Shakespeare Theater in London for instance. He wrote, directed and starred in the semi-autobiographical film. Rarely do I think about a film for a long time after seeing one, this is the sign of a truly great film. The film is hilariously funny, but it has moments of great pathos and tragedy, because it is about a family system, the archetypal relationship between mother and child, father and child, and to a great extent about common Western concepts about what it is to be a man. The ending is surprising. It is a lovely work of art and I believe it will become a cult film. Go see it.

Gloria R (mx) wrote: I have seen the movie and it is wonderful. Bailee is so sweet and she did a great job riding my horse Hank. And of all my girls in the movie were beautiful. I love them everyone!!!! Good job ladies !!!! You are the best!

Walker S (de) wrote: A good b movie with a pretty good cast kinda cool seeing Will Farrell speak Spanish

death w (es) wrote: A well directed drama of people in their dying days in an old home. The cast put up a good performance.

Jignasha P (de) wrote: Special effects were can see resemblance w/ some Hollywood movies. Some of the scenes seemed very kiddish. But an entertaining movie and ok in general.

Larry Y (ag) wrote: Not as engrossing as DRAKMAHR

Petteri K (ca) wrote: One of the best films I have seen.The performance of Mikkelsen and Steen is splendid. Richer comes far behind, but fortunately her role is to be uncertain. The whole thing is a masterpiece: Niels falls in love with Cecilie, even though he has a steady relationship with Marie, a family with kids. But he cannot resist, so he leaves. Such is life: the accident and the chain of events lead in situations like this. In normal life, the accident is just a person appearing somehow, somewhere... needing love just like Cecilie and Niels. And the past is left behind.Then something often breaks the whole new love story, if nothing else the inner struggle with moral and ethics. Cecilie has to think over things, and Niels, already left from home, suddenly is left alone. And the things end up like this, like in normal life: you do not necessarily win when leaving everything behind without thinking, more probably you will loose... Cecilie will most probabaly not stay with a man who is paralyzed - I bet she would not. But most probably she will not stay with Niels either... so tragic it is, one broken family, one man - Niels - living in uncertaintly, one woman seeking solutions but most probably not finding them in her old or the most recent relationship, but just later on, maybe in some years later...But this is how it ends, leaving us thinking if Joachim and Cecilie will continue finally, or if Niels will end up with Cecilie, or if Cecilie just disappears... and Niels is left with his divorced feelings? Later life will give people who live this kind of things through some answers, but before one has to accept anguish and uncertainty.

Gustolfo T (ru) wrote: A lot better than the first one. More dynamic.

Peter M (ru) wrote: Very Good film - and Nova Scotian! Hard to find but worth it if you can.

Jon H (es) wrote: Deliverance meets Friday The 13th. Not as gory as expected, but also not very exciting. Takes way too long getting to where it's going, but then again, they also say "The Trip Is It's Own Reward", right?

Brad W (ag) wrote: Excellent! Before Armageddon and Apollo 13, there was Marooned. Very impressive and still holds up today!

Johnathon W (br) wrote: Enjoyable anime thanks to a superb story & animation but suffers from being too short. The story is excellent with great use of being set on a U.S. military base during the Vietnam War, giving it a foreboding atmosphere. The animation is gorgeous as well, with a brilliant mix of analog & digital effects to create a unique look to the film. Unfortunately, at 47 minutes, it is too short to be justified as a film and not given enough time to develop the characters & their backgrounds (we never learn the significance of why Saya is the last original). If this was a longer film it would have been a classic. Otherwise, it's just an enjoyable watch.

Ed Q (it) wrote: Sharp editing and stylized verite camerawork lend "Downhill Racer" a sense of spontaneous energy. The aesthetic approach is complemented by a realistic script, which deconstructs the sports film, and exposes the narcissism inherent in the desire to win. Robert Redford's portrayal of a vain and emotionally distant skier mirrors the raw quality of the film.

Andy M (de) wrote: Woefully bad. Just terrible.