The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth

Unfounded suspicions lead a married couple to begin divorce proceedings, whereupon they start undermining each other's attempts to find new romance.

Married couple Lucy and Jerry Warriner both suspect the other of cheating and find themselves in divorce court. Before their divorce becomes final, Jerry and Lucy Warriner both do their best to ruin each other's plans for remarriage, Jerry to haughty socialite Molly Lamont, she to oil-rich bumpkin Daniel Leeson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deon A (nl) wrote: Holy crap that was so bad. It tried to be funny, but most often I just found myself raising my eyebrow or rolling my eyes.

Ioana B (kr) wrote: Stake Land is like The Walking Dead, but with vampires instead of zombies.

Daryl T (br) wrote: Cute and heartfelt and extremely watchable

Olivier P (gb) wrote: A simple story about love and life, which don't necessarily go very well together.Vincent Lindon is playing almost the same character in all his movies and he is playing it well. And who would not fall in love with Sandrine Kiberlain?

John Eric D (au) wrote: I thought this one had a different pacing of the previous RE films. Much better looking than the prequels. Though the idea is still dumb as ever. The only legit thing that is closest to the video game version, is that character named Claire. And everything is just way off. At least, they don't try to imitate the game anymore. And this Alice the main character, she has this improved telekinetic powers that can control everything like she's a super hero or something. Everything in here became over the top. Though the idea of a deserted land setting w/ zombies is pretty good to me. And the action scenes are way cooler. With shotgun shooting head shots, still silly fun. And Ali Larter as Claire, damn she's one hot actress. Still an enjoyable flick, and much better than its predecessor. If you happen to be one of those gamer geeks, just don't mind the film's comparison to the game, it doesn't matter anymore. Still a good action flick. 3/5

Omer N (fr) wrote: I love it so much, the idea, the location, the direction and the characters, was so amazing and love its end too.

Suanne I (es) wrote: one of my fav movies of all time

James S (nl) wrote: A good coming of age film.

Munira V (gb) wrote: I enjoyed the songs in the movie and the romance between Hrithick adn Kareena. There should have been more romance scenes between the two. The movie moved very slowly but it was OK movie

Callum B (es) wrote: such a grest comedy.

Daniel A (jp) wrote: Wow! Some ironclad performances in this reality-based story of one woman's (and arguably one caste's) continuous rape and the vicious revenge she exacts in response. Seema Biswas shines in the titular role, emitting an enraged, sensual charisma. No doubt certain aspects of this biopic have been romanticised for dramatic effect, but there are still plenty of hit-you-in-the-guts moments that keep events far from the rose-tinted zone: the gang rape and the mostly unfulfilled revenge prove particularly discomforting...On a lighter note, for expletive content alone, this is a great film to have a drinking contest to: take a swig every time someone says "bhenchod" or "madarchod" (check your Urban Dictionary, folks) -- the one not totally bladdered by the film's end wins!

Gregory W (es) wrote: still brings the funny

Martin T (mx) wrote: Overstated metaphors (the "sun worshippers" thing is a real groaner), ridiculous dialogue, unnecessary and jarring narration, truly unlikeable characters, horrible acting and dubbing. Even some of the camerawork was clumsy, although Schroeder does manage to capture some pretty shots. Stick with the Pink Floyd album.

Jenna I (nl) wrote: Boy, I've got to give this movie credit for sheer balls. This movie might beat out Night of the Hunter for most shocking depiction of violence in 1955 films- and I don't say that lightly! While its acting and storytelling are dated, it kicks into high gear with it's first genuinely (!) shocking murder depiction, and only seems to keep going from there. I was worried this was going to be one of those films that indulges in its depiction of thugs, or worse, preaches at your for two hours. But it managed to walk that fine moral line, most likely because it was based on true events. The most interesting takeaway of this movie to me was the question of what does it take? When the murder of a child isn't enough to get the town up in arms, where do you go from there? A fascinating if not oddly relevant film to watch in 2016.

Chris W (au) wrote: Part docudrama, part art house film, all idiosyncratic/eccentric in the extreme. Yes, this is a bad film, not the worst of all time (any more), but still quite bad, mainly due to the incoherent nature of the story and the poor execution/ineptitude of those involved with its creation. There are some standout moments though, especially those involving Bela Lugosi's nonsensical ramblings.If you really want to see something surreal and bizarre, then give this one a watch.

Ted W (kr) wrote: lots of well executed action and some paranormal mumbo-jumbo almost made me forget the cliched characters and story. A decent time waster and you have to give the cast an A for effort.

Matt H (jp) wrote: Maynard Eziashi gives a great, charismatic performance. Feels very tragic. Good script and story.