The Axe

The Axe

A breathtaking story in which a woman goes in search of her husband

A breathtaking story in which a woman goes in search of her husband . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (gb) wrote: This was a wonderful way to spend an hour and a half. The story is a little unbelievable, but everything is resolved so nicely in the end that you can overlook the absurd bits.

Adam N (au) wrote: hail to luke goss, but this was gross...

Pete S (it) wrote: An attempted comedy of errors revolving around a misdelivered stash of cocaine. Never actually funny, just lightly amusing..up until the deflating finale

Aimie M (gb) wrote: Great movie... Kevin Smith is hilarious!!!

Andrew B (ca) wrote: At times overly schmaltzy and sentimental, but generally well-intentioned and good-hearted with a few moments of genuine depth, aside from its unfortunate amounts of filler in an already brief film. Ultimately, good entertainment.

Tyler B (au) wrote: this is the best version of snow white EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Myisha S (br) wrote: BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon D (us) wrote: Not one of his best, it was a little bit formulaic albeit done in black and white and narated by a group of remonising old fellas. Some amusing situations but nothing particularly memorable.

Riley H (jp) wrote: It's difficult, it's not very coherent, it's got a lot of problems (don't really get the editing). However, it's fascinating and it's very moving. And it asks so many questions, without really answering any of them, that it remains engaging to the end.

Matthew P (fr) wrote: A tense and entertaining financial thriller. Richard Gere is at his very best for the first time since "Chicago".