The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club

It's the story about seven very different best friends, and one summer that will bring them together like never before.

It's the story about seven very different best friends, and one summer that will bring them together like never before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniela A (kr) wrote: Is not just the brilliant performance of Marion Cotillard what makes this movie so deeply moving, but also the perfecly though dialogs and how the director manages to capture the situation in a way that makes you part of her suffering and overcome it together.

Conrad T (au) wrote: Surprisingly not bad. Good songs.

Andres E (kr) wrote: disturbing?...yes....sick?...yes....but man its one hell of a movie...a masterpiece of independent film

Bledi G (us) wrote: Is the best revelation of a used car sales job. People who are brainwashed only into selling cars and not care about creating relationships...

thomas s (us) wrote: I'm not a big sci fi fan, but this is a great film!

Tim C (us) wrote: Oh, my god! First off, this came in a Toxie's Triple Terror pack, and the guys in the cover of the DVD weren't even the people in the movie! That was funny as hell.It felt Like Evil Dead, meets the Money pit. It also had some stooge-ish moments, and the Ghost daughter in it shouldn't have really been in it, but they had to have a girl ALMOST show her goods. And the old lady used weapons that the people had, and then the people got the weapons back, like they never lost them.I do have to say, I liked the modded circular saw mace the one guy made. I'll give it an extra star for that.A couple scenes were taken right out of Evil Dead, Like the one where the guy is hacking apart the old woman, but all you see is her hand shoot up, and blood squirting around.If you want a good laugh with friends, then check it out.

Melanie P (jp) wrote: My fave movie as a teenager. Love her hair - love his arms!!!

Sarah H (fr) wrote: This put me right of Turkey

Kimberly H (es) wrote: Great coming of age movie, that touches not only on the subject of bullying but teen depression. Also just a fun buddy movie for the family.

Philip V (jp) wrote: I saw the trailer on Youtube. I was\sold from the line 'he's been a man since he was a kid' Sounds awesome

Richard C (mx) wrote: Quite dull and pedestrian even if the concept behind it is very intersting in itself.

Sam C (au) wrote: Onibaba is a bleak tale set in war-torn feudal Japan. The plot follows a mother and her daughter-in-law who are only able to eat by trading in goods taken from the dead samurai they have slain. From there they wander through the beautiful (and erotic) field of susuki grass to a hermit-like cave where they meet a man who gives them food in exchange for the goods the have taken.This is considered to be Kaneto Shindo's masterpiece, but since I haven't seen anything else by him it would be unfair for me to say that. However, I can say that everything about this film is amazing. The stark black and white photography is stunning, and watching the wind blow through the fields of susuki is nothing short of orgasmic (haha, get it?). From a filmmaking standpoint, black and white film is obviously cheaper, but, in all honesty, I think this film would have been a mess if it was shot in color. I feel that it would loose the raw emotion that it contains. The characters in this film are driven by basic human instincts: survival and reproduction. And is there a better way to show human beings at their fundamentals than by shooting it in an absence of color? It's a brilliant way to show mankind's primitivity.The character development builds even more when a friend of the mother's son returns home . . . without her son. He tells of a tragic tale oh how they were prisoners of war and how during an attack the son was slain while the friend escaped. Now, this friend is perhaps the seediest man alive, but there's no way to tell if he's telling the truth or not. However, judging from the theme of human behavior I can only assume that he either turned on him or left him to die so he could save his own hide. The mother becomes infuriated with him for that fact and soon begins to loose her cool as her daughter-in-law starts to fall for him. Jealousy becomes a big issue as the mother needs her daughter-in-law to help her survive, but a deeper desire for sexual activity erupts into nothing as the young man declines the mother's invitation for a nice fuck and has to sit idly by while her daughter-in-law becomes ever so promiscuous with him.Sexual pleasure is a big theme here. The director has stated that he purposely filmed the swaying susuki field to convey a sense of eroticism, depending on the character's mood (an instance being the daughter-in-law running to her lover as the grass is blowing frantically around her). We can also see this since whenever the two woman go to bed they sleep topless, due to the extreme heat which makes them sweat. The jealous mother tries to put an end to this since she has no way of relieving her own sexual repression (due to the lack of a lover and also old age). She has no way to escape this feeling, which many people could connect to the gaping pit that lies near their hut. She goes about this by donning one of the most horrifying masks (which could even be labeled as a precursor to the mask with nails seen in Mario Bava's Black Sunday) to scare the living shit out her daughter-in-law by pretending to be a demon and accusing her of sinning.The frenzied score only helps to heighten the intensity of the film, as well as keeping the viewer on edge. Anyone who is interested in this film should pick up the Criterion Collection DVD since it contains a nice interview with the director, as well as a diesel booklet with some really good essays to mull over in your mind. Onibaba is a gemstone in Asian cinema that everyone should see.

Byron B (jp) wrote: nominated for best picture at the golden globes

Alec L (us) wrote: In which Harry Callahan does his best to refuse completely letting go of his self control and giving in to the nihilism inherent in the times.

chip r (gb) wrote: #1 worst movie I've ever seen. There will never be a movie worse than this.

Aliese P (nl) wrote: Doesn't always make the most sense, but a fun watch anyways.

Kyle L (ag) wrote: This sequel to the first film 666 The Child is not nearly as good as the first film but it's in my opinion one of the better Asylum flicks to watch. 666 The Beast is a great continuation about the Anti Christ Donald Lawson in which the plot of this film is about Donald Lawson who is now married and has a baby on the way and works at a company with his boss and not before Donald is back again on track to fulfill his destiny as the Anti Christ. 666 The Beast is a great follow up to the first film and I also enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first movie and this movie is also one of The Asylum's best films and it's seriously better than the other Asylum flicks like Exorcism The Possession Of Gail Bowers, Halloween Night, Paranormal Entity and it's lousy prequel 8213 Gacy House. I seriously like this movie a lot and it is a great rip off of Omen III The Final Conflict while 666 The Child is a great rip off of The Omen. What's great about 666 The Beast is that this film has the same kind of suspense and tension that the first film had and all of the tension and suspense in this film seriously beat Omen III The Final Conflict because Omen III doesn't have any scares or suspense this one seriously beat that film and this movie has a very dark feel and I seriously like the suspense in this movie and all of the suspense and tension is well used in this movie so far and it makes the movie look really good. I was really fund of everything with this movie and everything else is just great in this movie and I like the idea of this movie a lot and I seriously enjoy the storyline of this movie and the story is well paced and intriguing as well. What I also like about 666 The Beast is that the film also has a great soundtrack and I like the idea of the music in this film the music is mainly mixed a lot and there are some religious songs as well in the film I like the idea that the film uses some drama songs as well to make the film dramatic in certain parts which is good for the movie. Other than that the other great things about 666 The Beast is that the film also has some great kills but they're not gory enough although that's ok and I like some of the kills in this movie so far. What I like also about this movie is that the film also has a really creepy atmosphere and the parts of the film has a really creepy feel which I seriously like in the movie so far. Everything about this film is great. The other great things about 666 The Beast is that the film also is shot on a tight budget but it gets low for a little while and that's ok to me although the first film is seriously shot on a really tight budget compared to this one because this movie is shot on the same budget as the first film but it gets lower although it's alright. What I also find different in this movie is that the acting is also good in this movie but sometimes the acting is decent although the acting in here is still the same to the acting of the first movie and this movie I think has the best acting in an Asylum flick and this movie seriously beat the acting of the horrible Halloween Night and Exorcism The Possession Of Gail Bowers in which the acting from those films ranges from mediacore to horrendously bad and awful so far the acting in this film is great but decent in certain moments. I also enjoy the camera work in this film as well. The biggest downside though of 666 The Beast is that the film has a lot of lame rip off scenes the Stigmata scene from Stigmata is such a dull and boring rip off from Stigmata and I wasn't fund of it but that is a better scene than the Stigmata scene in Exorcism The Possession Of Gail Bowers or there other rip off scenes from Poltergeist and The Exorcist. And the other downside of 666 The Beast is that the film also doesn't have enough suspense or tension as the original film and it lacks a lot of originality as the first movie but it's ok. So far this is a worth a watch Horror film and it seriously beats the other Asylum flicks. Overall this movie gets a 6/10 because this movie isn't nearly as good as the first film but overall this is a worth a watch Horror movie and this is one of the better Asylum flicks since 666 The Child and Dead Line along with Freakshow.