The Back of the World

The Back of the World

This documentary looks at "the back of the world": small children working as quarrymen in Peru, Kurdish political refugees from Turkey, and families and inmates awaiting the end on Mississippi's Death Row.

This documentary looks at "the back of the world": small children working as quarrymen in Peru, Kurdish political refugees from Turkey, and families and inmates awaiting the end on Mississippi's Death Row. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raven B (mx) wrote: I can't believe just how boring the storyline is. And the animation quality sucks!

Hli L (ca) wrote: Heroin is a little more complicated than this, mate. Can white upper class Australia please stop exploiting "junkies" to be eligible for grants from the government? Thank you.

Leo L (de) wrote: A personal favorite. Love it.

Dan H (nl) wrote: Superb performances from William Baldwin, Kurt Russel, and Robert De Niro isn't the only great thing about this film. It's also got a classic story, a classic main theme, some spectacular pyro effects and tense/thrilling firefighting scenes. Sure, it may over-emphasize that fire is alive (Actually fire is NOT alive, however the film finds new and somewhat silly ways to say it is like "the fire looked at you", and "the fire wants to do this or that". I'm sure at the time it sounded cool, but these phrases don't hold up as well today. Also, I don't hold the films assertion that fire is alive against it, the belief works to the film's advantage despite the somewhat silly phrases that come out of it), and the schmaltzy/sentimental elements may be a bit overbearing at times but I'll be damned if I didn't get serious chills at the end. Backdraft is not only a cool film, it's also a damn classic and one of the best firefighter films you're likely to see.

Robert H (ru) wrote: Surf Nazis Must Die is tons of fun but it's a really shitty movie. The concept behind the film is the best thing about it. But being that the film is from Troma, it has to have a certain level of shitty or else it wouldn't be Troma at all. LOLThe best thing about this film is Mama. Or as I call her Big Mama. Her revenge scenes and dialogue are so funny and the most quotable in the film. If the title has peaked your curiosity, the likelihood is that you'd want to watch this movie whether it was good or bad so reviews aren't all that important. So if you like surfing, nazis, revenge films and/or Troma, check out Surf Nazis Must Die

Tor M (kr) wrote: I've gave this film a go after a late night chat with a film critic. "A must see", he said and knowing that it's featured on many lists I gladly went for it. Actually I've only seen "Goodbye to Language" before when it comes to Godard's films. Many of his films are on my "too see"-list but I started off with his first full lenght.This film has a very fast paced tempo. Few moments to catch your breath here as the car robbery and cop killing takes place as the protagnist is getting ready to flea the country with his crush at the moment, the lovely Patricia Franchini - an American journalist.Driven by dialogue, mostly about love or money it's almost exhausting to look at since it's always combined with jump-cuts and a hand-held camera. This is as far as I know the first film that fits the style of French New Wave. It's jump cuts - also a new style brought to life by this film, is the result of the director being forced to cut down the lenght of the film, so he shortened the film by cutting out - or basicly making transitions through different takes to make it shorter. It made it more intense and gave it a fresh look. He also made parts of the film after the shooting had taken place - planning stuff during the nights after shooting scenes. Later on it stand out like a very innovative film caused by it's production and editing. One of the most influential films ever made, actually.So, it's important to travel back in time to get why the film is so well rated. I find it hard to give it more stars "just" because it's the father of jump cuts (even if other directors have used it before) that now are used everywhere. This is a nice story, very intensely told, and lovely presented. Fast paced and with some great and unusal photography. Pluses are given for it's music too.7.5 out of 10 phat cigarettes.

Private U (ru) wrote: Dumb, but can't stop watching early 80's movie.

William W (es) wrote: A really unique film, with a role in which I think Ray Milland is one of the few actors that could have pulled it off. The on-screen chemistry between him and Marlene Dietrich is wonderful, and you end up rooting for them all the way.

Sarah S (nl) wrote: Watching this now. ;O

Christopher B (de) wrote: This was pretty stupid. Seth should stick to making family guy funny again.

Baldwin C (ru) wrote: Script was bad and boring.

Meghna P (es) wrote: it is watchable for eisenberg's subtle acting. i would have like to have seen more detail on the family life and dissatisfaction with it that lead his character to explore the drug dealing world.

Ben S (jp) wrote: The narrative is a little scattershot, but the fine performances and lush cinematography make "Wild River" a memorable and worthwhile viewing experience.