The Backwater

The Backwater

Based on a novel by Shinya Tanaka, this film is set in a quiet riverside town, where 17-year-old Tooma lives with his father and his father’s lover. Tooma witnesses his father’s sadistic behavior towards his lover and soon finds himself following in his father’s footsteps.

Based on a novel by Shinya Tanaka, this film is set in a quiet riverside town, where 17-year-old Tooma lives with his father and his father’s lover. Tooma witnesses his father’s sadistic behavior towards his lover and soon finds himself following in his father’s footsteps. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer K (br) wrote: I was hoping this would be the next best biopic music film but I was a bit disappointed. the acting is great as is the directing by Clint Eastwood, and the performances are undeniably fun, but it could have been much better. it's not going to break new ground and it's not as energetic or manic as it could be.

Steve S (us) wrote: this film is, in no better terms, fucking laughably awful. the acting was shit, it kept resorting to flashbacks of things that happen five minutes earlier, just because the filmmaker assumes the viewer if functionally retarded. all i have to say is if you respect your brain, don't watch this. i'm just trying to save you from mediocrity. you'll thank me later.

Sean R (de) wrote: This is a silly comedy and delivers as intended. If you play tennis or know anything about tennis, you will appreciate the humor even more. For a movie that went straight to DVD, I think it is great. Seann William Scott is classic in his Stiffler-like character. Randy Quaid is great, but has a small part. I highly recommend having a few cocktails or whatever before/while watching. It helps to enhance this raunchy comedy

Luigi M (kr) wrote: If you love football and you love the English football team .... you must watch Mike Bassett: England Manager. This movie is wicked.... SWIVVLE ON IT ARGENTINA ...

Reena G (it) wrote: Massively offensive ..

Helen P (nl) wrote: A film that made millions off the exact systems it heaps dirt on is hailed as art...and I am left wondering why. If it was half an hour shorter, a little more thoughtful and not just completely token in terms of the blather that Pitt's character spouts I might have been convinced that this film deserved serious credit. Bored white-guy loses his mind and looks for unusual thrills is not an original nor very compelling premise - this formula fans claim it satirises through some ingenious self-aware direction just didn't play that way to me. I mean, if it was really a satire it would have been funnier, quicker, rung more true as a representation of something that might actually occur. Instead it plays out as far too sincere, too try-hard. With just enough thought to make younger viewers think it was a smart film, just enough violence to cover the really boring middle of the film, and just enough visual artistry to satisfy anyone who wasn't otherwise fascinated, I get why it hits a chord with a fair few viewers.

Arlo L (br) wrote: I have no clue why it took me so long to finally see this. It came out during my Ewan McGregor phase. I watched Trainspotting and A Life Less Ordinary a ton. Though I probably wouldn't have liked it nearly as much back then.

horse c (fr) wrote: Biggest Load of Manure!

Austin C (gb) wrote: A simple and effective '90s realistic street adventure

James O (nl) wrote: Ok so its terrible in so many ways. Its pure sports corn but that is what Whoopi Goldberg will bring to the table. Despite its many flaws its a fairly decent family film. Enjoyed it when I was younger.

Colton M (es) wrote: A pleasant surprise. It's no masterpiece but i found it more than enjoyable.

Andrew D (mx) wrote: If you do not love this, you are dead from the ankles up.

Allan C (br) wrote: An inauspicious theatrical directorial debut from Martin Campbell, who'd go on to give us some excellent action flicks, like "Casino Royale" and the underrated "Vertical Limit." Gary Oldman plays a slick defense attorney for rich narcissist Kevin Bacon, who may be a killer. It's not all that suspenseful or even interesting. However, I'll lay the blame for on the screenplay than Campbell, who directs the film with style. The only real interest here though is seeing Oldman in a pretty early film in his career and I think the first time he'd done an American accent. That, and hearing Peter Gabirel's Rhythm of the Heat sampled in the film's score.

Jon W (ru) wrote: Pretty much some terrible film making here. The cover art for the shitty VHS is decent, but you should always beware of a movie that advertises what popular songs are in the movie on the box. Adam West is pretty bad, Jon Mikl Thor is funny-bad, but just about everyone in this is pretty bad. Tia Carrere is the highlight of the film as the hot chick, but only in the fact that her being in this reminds you how much better 'Wayne's World' is than this movie. I read that there was an MST3K of this movie and I imagine that it would be a lot better that way.

Steve M (de) wrote: A business magnate (Corra) invites four couples to spend the weekend at his isolated island retreat as part ofa strategy to convince a maverick scientist (Berger) to sell him the formula for a new industrial plastic. It's all fun, games, and fornication until someone starts murdering the guests. "5 Dolls for an August Moon" is a virtually thrill-free thriller that is a jumbled, inept attempt at presenting a "Ten Little Indians"-style tale of murder and mayhem which features characters so generic most of them are impossible to tell apart, the most inexplicable recurring example of Stupid Character Syndrome I've ever seen on film and what is almost certainly the most inappropriate musical score since the invention of the talkie. For those who don't know, Stupid Character Syndrome is where the characters in the film behave in a braindead fashion or fail to act on facts they know because it would cause a badly constructed story to fall apart. In the case of this movie, it's the way everyone seems to forget about Isabela, a cute young woman (played by Ely Galleani) who is also present on the island, except when they run into her or ask her whether she's seen this missing person or that missing person pass by. Isabel doesn't seem to be living at the house, nor anywhere else on the island for that matter, but no one seems surprised or disturbed to meet her wandering about. In fact, no one is even disturbed when she engages in obvious suspicious behavior while bodies are piling up, nor does anyone attempt to make her account for her whereabouts. The mental blind-spot the characters have toward Isabel is so severe that late in the film a character states, "The murderer has got to be one of the four of us!", referring to himself and the other three characters in the room. BUT WHAT ABOUT ISABEL?! There were FIVE people still alive on the island when that phrase was uttered, but everyone had, once again, forgotten about Isabel. (Now, it's possible I may have missed a throw-away line where they came to conclusion that Isabel was dead, but I doubt it. Either this character was added late in the process for some reason and no-one bothered to intergrate it more fully into already filmed scenes, or this script simply was worse than the average Bava film.) In addition to a bad script with cookie-cutter characters and massive holes, the film suffers from some truly awful soundtrack music. It starts with the fact that it's mostly performed what sounds like a Hammond Electric Organ, and it gets worse because apparently the filmmakers thought that something that sounds like circus music was appropriate to play whenever a dead body is shown hanging in the freezer. This, of course, might indicate that the film was supposed to be a dark comedy instead of a thriller; if this is the case, it's as much a failure as a comedy as it is a thriller. Even the direction and photography is weak and unispired in the film. If I didn't know Mario Bava helmed this picture, I might have said that the film was made by someone who wanted to be Mario Bava but who didn't have enough talent. A number of Bava signatures--filming images reflected in pools of liquid, shots of characters far away down a passageway, or shooting through lattices--are featured in the film, but while I sometimes feel like he's trying to show off how clever he can be as far as how he films a scene, I feel in this movie like he's doing a bad imitation of himself. (That said, the film does feature one of the neatest, most creative track-shots/revelation of a dead body that I've ever seen--when a tray of glass balls is overturned, causing them to spill down a spiral staircase and come to rest next to the latest murder victim.) A single flash of genius, however, goes not make this film worth seeing. I read somewhere (DVD Verdict, maybe?) that Bava hated this movie. I can clearly see why, as there are many reasons to not like "5 Dolls for an August Moon". 5 Dolls for an August Moon (aka "Island of Terror") Starring: Ira von Frstenberg, Ely Galleani, Maurice Poli, Teodoro Corra, William Berger, Edwige Fenech, Helena Ronee, Howard Ross and Edith Meloni Director: Mario Bava

Spencer H (nl) wrote: 28 Days Later is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, almost as scary as the original.

Paul G (nl) wrote: A great performance by Ben and a interesting beginning but SUPER BORING and kinda over long

Scott A (de) wrote: Roger is a dick, but then, no wait, yeah, he stays a dick the whole time.

Andy M (ag) wrote: Murray is a nuanced master as FDR.

Joanna B (ru) wrote: In the nutty pursuit of Box office bucks, Ice Age 3 somehow rose to become the fourth highest grossing animated film of all time, so venturing once more into the prehistoric fray was inevitable. From meltdowns to dinosaurs, the franchises path of non-stop primitive fauna's frivolity only had one place to go, global.Reefing his ever elusive prize acorn from the ice, the buck-toothed fluffy-tailed squirrel-rat Scrat (Chris Wedge) causes a global tectonic disturbance. Shaking the earth to its very core, the singular landmass splits and begins the continental divide.Adrift in the ocean, separated from their herd and family, the trusted trio of Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary), and Sid (John Leguizamo) embark upon yet another adventure attempting to navigate their Iceberg ship round the new world and get back home. An assortment of seafaring obstacles threatens to throw them of course. From desire exploiting beckoning sirens to Sid's doddery, toothless granny (Wanda Sykes) and her imaginary friend Precious, who has a habit of innocently dragging them into precarious situations. But when they literally run into the clutches of a pirate ship, helmed by the malevolent orangutan Captain Gutt's (Peter Dinklage) and his motley crew, it seems the tide is completely against them, or is it just about to change?Retaining the franchises central theme about the importance of family (not matter how dysfunctional), Ice Age 4 sadly pales in comparison to its predecessors. With little character development, recycled uninspired jokes, superficial sentimentality and politically motivated storyline, this listless offering will simply float through cinemas without finding purchase.Exploring the different forms of love, the ever positive Sid tries hard to resist the allure of the sirens and their false promises, The cantankerous Diego finally has the opportunity to find love with an attractive white kitty-kat tiger Shira (J-Lo) but will he blow it? and the now teenage Peaches develops her first crush. Reassembling the films talented voice cast of Seann William Scott, John Leguizamo, Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Simon Pegg and so many more, is defiantly the films saving grace. The addition of new voices Nick Frost, Keke Palmer, J-Lo and Rebel Wilson (appropriately as a prehistoric kangaroo) brings wonderful surprise and a challenge for parents of which to ponder; I know that voice, but why?Pixar's graphics are wonderful as usual, excelling in colouring, texture and detail whilst managing to once again cast aside the realities of gravity, timing and specious logic. Although with the release of their Brave two weeks ago, the timing of this is rather illogical. The verdict: After three ages, like many of its featured creatures, the overtly lucrative Ice Age is on the way to becoming extinct. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 13/07/2012