The Bad Education Movie

The Bad Education Movie

Mr Wickers and his class go on one final school trip after they finish their GCSEs.

Unconventional Alfie Wickers is probably the worst teacher ever but he does care about his students a lot. After they finish their GCSEs, Alfie is keen for his favourite class to join him on one final hurrah and what follows is a coming of age story like no other, the best school trip ever! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (jp) wrote: The casting director should have been fired. Other than that, there is too much missing. Where's Ashton?

Tim M (es) wrote: Ouch! Makes you realise that however bad/mad things may seem they could be a lot lot worse!

Mrs Drake Kini Loyd (it) wrote: i know Nina will want to see it with me. Billy Ray is her feller

Ranjan A (de) wrote: Ajay devgan does again what he has always done - brood and act as if he's an actor and a star. Mr Devgan - the only thing worth noting about your career is that you've got yourself a great wife. Salman khan fits the character and the story lends support but his punjabi sucks. Asin looks great but has little to do in the movie. Film deserves a half star for trying to add variety in hindi film stories. Music fails the subject , big time.

David S (mx) wrote: it's chinese so must end tragically.

Stephanie H (au) wrote: watched some of it for religion boringish mary lookd pretty though sod when he died watch only selected parts good acting though

Tim S (kr) wrote: Everyone in the film sounds like they swallowed a dictionary, but the premise is interesting.

Stanley C (nl) wrote: Godzilla 2000: Millennium is not genuinely the best movie featuring the Big G given that the film can't make up its mind on who to give the spotlight to, the giant fire-breathing monster himself or the silver UFO, but it's certainly a well-deserved shot at Roland Emmerich by making Godzilla the destructive human hating anti-hero he is by making him a crucial defense for humanity against Orga, and because it tries refreshingly new formulas on how Godzilla fights an enemy monster.

Eric H (nl) wrote: I found this more funny than depressing, and also very instructive in how to deal with people, get what you want, and not be a tool. The American Dream is still very much alive, and worth trying for -- you just can't let it consume you. The successful men in this movie make the system work for them, and -- most importantly -- stay positive. The Badger's problem is that he obviously has depression, and that has never helped anybody achieve anything. It must be fought and subdued at all costs. In the commentary, Albert Maysles suggests that the Badger was not cut out for sales and should have been a postal clerk, even though the Badger rails against the predictability of a 9-to-5 office job with a pension. This is another important lesson of Salesman: Get in where you fit in. Do work that suits your temperament and abilities.

Devon (kr) wrote: Georgy Girl is a surprisingly oddball 60s film, odd in that in the battle of the generation gap, it doesn't take sides... everyone is equally lousy. The baby-boomers are self-obsessed, narcissistic children who never take responsibility for their actions. The adult generation is also self-obsessed, though to a lesser extent. Georgy (Lynn Redgrave) is the conscience of the movie, the one good person in the sea of cynicism. Her father is a butler for a millionaire (James Mason, reviving his creepy old guy role from "Lolita"), who though he is 49, is projecting some sort of love onto the younger Georgy. She's all too content to run away from him and his request that she be his "mistress" to spend time with her Meredith, her violinist roommate. Jos, Meredith's boyfriend, often stays in the house alone with Georgy (waiting for Meredith to come home from her many dates with other men), and the two strike up an interesting relationship. But soon, Meredith becomes pregnant and out of boredom decides to "keep this one" and get married to Jos. I still can't get over the fact that a movie made in the 60s would portray young people in such a negative light, Meredith is basically a monster and Jos is emotionally stunted (at one point declaring "i'm Peter Pan!", as if to spell it out for us completely). That Georgy associates with either of these people only attests to the low self-image she has. She feels herself to be ugly on the outside, but in reality it's her friends who are the ugly ones. It fairly brutally attacks the institution of marriage, none of the characters, save one, marries for love. It deals with other racy issues (especially for the 1960s) such as pre-marital sex and abortion, rather cavalierly (well, this was a british film). I also enjoyed the musical score, both the original pop song and the harpsichord incidental music. The movie attempts some light-hearted moments, but the humor is very 60s and very British, lots of alien words and people jumping around. But this isn't a movie I'd recommend on the basis of it's comedy. It's actually very hit-and-miss, some questionable performances and writing in spots make it occasionally seem like an afterschool special. The general apathetic tone of the movie makes it seem more nihilistic than happy-go-lucky, so like I said at the beginning, it's an oddball mixture to say the least.

Amber C (ag) wrote: I liked the movie... yes it reminded me kinda of drumline and you got served... but was still enjoyable movie to watch and the guys werent hard to look at either...