The Bad Sister

The Bad Sister

Marianne falls in love with con man Valentine who uses their relation to get her father's endorsement on a money-raising scheme. He runs off with the money and Marianne, later dumping her. Her sister Laura loves Dr. Lindley although she knows he loves Marianne. Marianne returns and marries a wealthy young man, and Lindley turns his love toward Laura.

Marianne falls in love with con man Valentine who uses their relation to get her father's endorsement on a money-raising scheme. He runs off with the money and Marianne, later dumping her. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie E (jp) wrote: Funny good comedy movie with a lil cartoon day dreaming of the main character and all funny for it to be such as hopefully they make a sequel due to show maybe a hight school version of this.

Prattay S (nl) wrote: This is one of those movie that u considers as BEAUTIFUL

Raven D (jp) wrote: Fucking.Brutal.Delivers on the premise of the first one and gives you more. Balls out,all-in.Mike Patton joins the ride,more excellent characters (David Carradine!).That "anime/ultraman/japanese tv show" fight...jajaja,fucking yes.

GMan (ag) wrote: DMX finest performance this was the DMX film to watch.. story was great and the way it was told was great!! Imma say it again DMX's FINEST PERFORMANCE

Shana J (es) wrote: Brother to Brother is an inciteful peek into the taboos of Black society now and during the Harlem Renaissance. The subject matter is approached directly and artistically.

Kieran M (es) wrote: So, basically this movie is shite. But Kadeem 'Dwayne Wayne' Hardison is supposed to be a gangster. He even has an Uzi that he has named 'Bertha'. Strangely enough, my mother rented this for me when I was in middle school.

Laura M (it) wrote: It was pretty standard 80's action stuff, which is too bad. What I really loved about the first movie was the psychological aspect of the story. It's also what kind of endeared John Rambo to me as well. The movie was interesting though in terms of what was happening in the world in the 80's and how much of that has changed now that it's the 2010's. It's too bad that the movie was so generic and didn't try to do more than be a standard genre piece.

Nathan B (mx) wrote: It looks like a hockey movie made by incompetent film-makers who have probably never, ever seen a hockey game in their life. the result is embarrassing

Mickey M (ag) wrote: "Jerry Landers" (John Denver) is a family man with a steady job at a grocery store. One day, he gets a weird letter telling him to go to a building for a meeting with "God" (George Burns in one of his most famous roles). "God" asks him to get His message out to the world. "Landers", who is skeptical of the kindly old man who asks for his help, and a non-believer in God, tries to get out the message by any means. He eventually gets on national television, and in front of a panel of religious leaders, who ask him to have "God" answer a list of questions, written in an ancient and extinct language. Now, "Landers" has to prove to the court of the existance of "God", while trying to defend himself in a slander suit filed against him by a televangelist over comments "Landers" credits to "God", who claims the televangelist is a fraud. Let me say that, when I first saw this, I thought it was funnier. Having seen it all these years later, the jokes fell flat in my opinion. However, I was not once offended by any joke in the film. The humor targets a lot of questions believers and non-believers of the Almighty ask when questioning their beliefs, but not once is offensive. If you ask me now, the jokes are worth a couple of chuckles. For anybody who is a hardcore believer, who will walk up to a stranger to give his or her testimony and try to convert the person, I can guarantee you that you will not be offended with this movie at all. The subject matter is handled with extreme care, and is handled perfectly by Denver, and especially Burns. The performances in this movie are pretty good if you ask me. Terri Garr, who portrays Denver's wife, plays her character as a woman who is skeptical of her husband's believe that he was visited by God, but supports him no matter what. Denver was pretty good in his role, never missing a beat as Burns straight man, and handled his character's transformation in the film nicely. Burns though is easily the star of this film, and made "God" one of his most memorable roles in his career. Anybody who has seen this movie, or its two sequels have never forgotten Burns in this role. To his fans, this and his role with the love of his life, Gracie Allen, is fondly remembered. This film is perfect for families, as their is no violence or swearing. Younger children may not understand the message of the film, but might enjoy some of the jokes. Older kids will understand the message, and may have questions about their own faith. The supporting cast is not well developed in this film, especially the televangelist, who was the most vocal in the counsel that asked "Landers" to have "God" answer the questions they gave him. Personally, I would have liked to have seen the televangelist go to his flock and the media to try to discredit "Landers" in his believe he saw "God". Just having "God" tell "Landers" to call the guy a fraud to help set up the court scene was a bit weak in my opinion. There is some special effects in this film, but you can tell they were all done by editing. They just don't hold up after all these years. The soundtrack was completely forgettable as well. In my opinion, this movie is not bad. I would suggest to watch it on television if there is nothing else on.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: Excuse me miss, but could you steal someone else's car?Cat is a high end escort who gets caught in the middle of a political scandal overseas involving an American senator. During her escape process, she stumbles across two European entrepreneurs and uses them to get away. She doesn't anticipate the entrepreneurs starting their own detective agency and using their encounter with her as their first case. Can the two detectives save her?"Do you girls know each other?""No.""You soon will."John Stockwell, director of Under Cover, Blue Crush, Turistas, Middle of Nowhere, Dark tide, Dark Tide, and Kid Cannabis, delivers Cat Run (and the upcoming Cat Run 2). The storyline for this picture was actually entertaining and the dialogue was comical and well written. The action scenes were well delivered but the sex was a bit overdone. The cast delivers above average performances and includes Paz Vega, Janet Mc Teer, D. L. Hughley, Tony Curran, Christopher McDonald and Michelle Lombardo."Looking at her beasts, I'm thinking milk.""You do? I look at her titties and think half and half."I actually came across this film on Netflix and thought the plot sounded worthwhile (and the Netflix rating was higher than I anticipated). I found the characters very humorous and well written and I would definitely watch the sequel. This is a solid action picture with a decent plot, but not overly unique, and mediocre dialogue. I'd watch this once if you haven't seen it."What kind of person does that, cut a one armed man's arm off?"Grade: C+

Karen S (de) wrote: This was excellent to watch enjoyed very much.