The Bag Man

The Bag Man

A criminal waits in a seedy motel and waits for his boss after killing several men to steal a bag.

The movie follows Jack, a tough guy with chronic bad luck but human touches as he bides his time at a seedy motel, waiting for his boss after killing several men and making away with a mystery bag. But when his boss finally arrives on the scene there are sudden and extreme consequences for all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sin S (es) wrote: It was an excellent movie. It's hands down.

Drake T (fr) wrote: I think this was the 3rd movie that the Star Trek reboot really needed. The 1st was riddled with time travel sci fi shenanigans while the 2nd was overwrought with exposition but this? This was a solid, good ol' action adventure that followed a tried and true formula.Which begs the question, what will be next? A repeat of this and the franchise may be branded as lazy, or not "Star Trek" enough. I just hope these films don't deteriorate into another overloaded Hollywood Sci Fi action-adventure. There's a balance of sophistication and fun still to be found on this "final frontier"

Diane D (nl) wrote: A true story, this movie was moving. A little violent but if that's the way it happened then even more kudos to the main character for pushing through!

Ryan B (ca) wrote: Wow this movie is just not good, the acting sucks, the horror is....not horror and the way the plot pans out is just ridiculous. Honestly if I was tired while watching I would've fallen asleep. My advice is to just leave this movie alone. Highly Unrecommended

Dyurka P (kr) wrote: I loved the starting of the movie and the scene when all the dinner goes to shit. I wish sometimes we could tell all the truth without bein kind :D.

David S (gb) wrote: Pure genuine shit. Humour, acting, plot - all is so terrible, i simply can't believe they let this movie screen.

Lee M (us) wrote: Between a 4/10 and 5/10, its satire of action-movie mindlessness and screenwriting-as-prostitution is dated and without bite.

Ryan B (it) wrote: A really enjoyable movie, with a cast that is clearly all having fun. The climax had little tension though, so that hurt the end game of the movie.

Nikolas G (de) wrote: THE old { 80 plus } years Antonioni make very hard the life of Vim WENTERS.. they direct the movie together ...later Vim wrote in his diary about the hardness of this old man filmaker

Becca A (ru) wrote: Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Bjorn O (ru) wrote: Det var ngra r sen jag sg Turkisk Konfekt och Den Fjrde Mannen, det r vl dax att se om dom. Spetters var riktigt bra, vissa kanske skulle kalla den hrd och exploativ men jag tycker att det r en fin historia.

Robert H (gb) wrote: Empire of the Ants is one of those films I just love even though it's not a great movie. Where the film excels is with the FX. Using some smarts, the filmmakers managed to bring about giant killer ants (and lots of them) without amasing a super huge budget and without the use of CG. These days computer generated ants would be used and the film would just feel stupid and almost as if it was made for a kids tv show.Though the film has a pretty amazing cast (Joan Collins, Robert Lansing, Jacqueline Scott, etc) they are never used to their full potential as the dialogue doesn't quite live up to their abilities. Of course, the whole story of giant kill ants terrorizing a bunch of lam-os attending a "purchase swampland in Florida" sales pitch is pretty weak already so when you add in the poor script and lack luster directing, Empire of the Ants isn't likely to win over much more than young kids... and those of us who are still kids at heart.

Slashergirl V (it) wrote: By today's standards not that hot ....(But for '61 pretty effective;How far would you go to look normal???)