The Bank Dick

The Bank Dick

Egbert Sousé becomes an unexpected hero when a bank robber falls over a bench he's occupying. Now considered brave, Egbert is given a job as a bank guard. Soon, he is approached by charlatan J. Frothingham Waterbury about buying shares in a mining company. Egbert persuades teller Og Oggilby to lend him bank money, to be returned when the scheme pays off. Unfortunately, bank inspector Snoopington then makes a surprise appearance.

Henpecked Egbert Sousè has comic adventures as a substitute film director and unlikely bank guard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (fr) wrote: 82 minutes that felt like 3hrs. Have no idea what the heck I just watched. Whatever it was it was flat out terrible.

Safira H (ca) wrote: It had its moments! However I found the storyline to be too similar to Housefull. Comedy was slapstic with hardly any wit! Although the songs were quite good the choreography and dancing could use a little work!

shashank b (ag) wrote: It's amazing to see how Nikhil Advani manages to attract people to the theater till the very day of the release. I mean..... look at the cast here , the promotion is superb, good enough songs and the trailers are fine. This makes it a house full on the first day, but it's only when people go and see the film they realize that there is no way their money is refundable. House full the first day , the movie is out the next week. This film, inspired by 'Love Actually' is what they say, didn't manage to handle the whole cast well. They tried to put in big stars but ended up by not even managing to bring out even an average performance by any one. The stories are hollow and cheesy, so the audience can't connect with any single one of them. It's a big disappointment to all those who like big stars or for that matter Nikhil Advani after his big success of 'Kal Ho Na Ho'.

Tsukasa A (it) wrote: Two kids, Anton Yelchin and Mika Boorem, are making a very good job supported by Anthony Hopkins. The story tastes like a dream of childhood.

Cole B (ru) wrote: I was obsessed with this upon its release. I'm pretty sure if I watched it now I would hate it. Not sure what that says about the movie. Or about me.

Francheca S (fr) wrote: A verla necesariamente ! Esta pelicula muestra de manera muy general como la dictadura perpetrada por el gobierno Argentino de 1976, violo los derechos humanos de gran parte de la sociedad civil, especialmente menores de edad. Recomendada para aquellos que no ven amenazas en la instalacion de gobiernos de derecha.

Chey F (ca) wrote: no no no u suck crash and burn

Scott R (it) wrote: A bit rudimentary, but the acting make up for the dreary Spanish scenery and raw 70s filming. Still it was not great in its telling, but my interest was somewhat kept despite the melodrama. Great cast as well.

Dan K (fr) wrote: classic - albert finney plays this perfectly,,,

Johnny B (mx) wrote: The believability of the characters in films like these is always non-existent, which in turn, destroys the film. Maybe if I had gone to a "more conventional" high-school or something?