The Bar

The Bar

A group of strangers are trapped inside a bar.

It’s mid-morning in downtown Madrid, a loud gunshot and two mysterious deaths make a bunch of people stuck inside a bar and its basement while paranoia and suspicion force the terrified regulars to turn on each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roland K (es) wrote: Film de pr (C)toire de facture classique qui aurait fait une excellente premire partie aux "Dossiers de l' (C)cran" d'antan et qui appartient cette cat (C)gorie de cin (C)ma militant qui vise sans doute moins l'impact cin (C)matographique que le secret espoir d'aboutir une r (C)vision judiciaire. Excellent Sami Bouajila.

David S (br) wrote: The Perks of being a Wallflower is a great screen adaptation by an incredibly gifted author, screenwriter, and director; Stephen Chbosky. He has masterfully brought enjoyment, and a feeble attempt of depth, to a story of a teenager coming to terms with himself. Played by Logan Lerman, the main story driver, the audience is exposed to a wild ride of emotions, and vulnerable situations. Emma Watson, the star capture of the movie, brings little to the plate, and seems replaceable. Regardless, it tries very hard to make sense of life's hard lessons, and is willing to breach the taboo lines. The Perks of being a Wallflower is a dramatically cute story.

Roy N (us) wrote: pretty entertaining, it is a 85 minute commercial for GTO's but i guess i like commericals, the cast is pretty good, Dennis Hopper is always cool, Fred Ward's a badass and Will Patton is real good. the carasal red 1969 GTO Judge is beautiful. The new GTO's ain't much to look at but they have it where it really counts.

Michael L (au) wrote: Finally saw Dario Argento's GIALLO. Starring and Produced by Adrien Brody, it's amazing that Argento's standing has fallen so low in the US that even with a recent Oscar winner as star and producer, he can't get a film distributed theatrically in the US. I don't think Argento has made an interesting film since THE STENDHAL SYNDROME but I'm amazed by how much he has dropped all the stylization that makes Argento, Argento. GIALLO is a totally by the book serial killer film. Delete a bit of the violence, and you have a week episode of SVU. The film is that pedestrian. The film isn't dreadful, just flat. I miss the old wigged out Argento and fabulous operatic style. Speaking of which my favorite of his is OPERA. Sublime.

Jeremy T (nl) wrote: a lot better than i expected.

Bill R (ag) wrote: This was ok. Too "Hollywood" though.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: A fun comedy to sit and drink with your friends while watching.

Stacey S (au) wrote: Sooo sweet! And sad. Egads.

Scott J (ru) wrote: visually awesome amazing score cg still holds up the plot is kind of non existent but still kind of fun to watch and I don't know why

Art S (gb) wrote: Excellent. Good story. If it's not true, it should be true.

Ker Malkin G (us) wrote: I normally can't stand Maguire as an actor but he was really great in this film so kudos.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: A very entertaining film that keeps the pace going with a decent story, well written dialogue and good characters. Reminds me of a lot of the older horror films where plot actually meant something.

Nathan S (au) wrote: The film looks at what could have possibly been if a young Adolf Hitler had been more accepted in the art community.

Shawn M (mx) wrote: Multiple stories strung wonders what might happen if we threw Gordon Ramsey into the mix.

Grant H (es) wrote: Pretty good movie. While the plot feels like a clear ripoff of Goodfellas, even if it is a true story, the style is really interesting, and it has some truly captivating moments, but the pacing is really jumbled and the performances are so-so, even Depp.

Angela A (ag) wrote: Okay, this was a silly story, but we live in an age of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and anthropomorphic ponies, so you will have to give me something else if you want to convince me that the silliness of this story is reason enough to hate it. Any film where you get to see the handsome and dashing Rex Harrison is worth watching. It was a simple, light-hearted, and fun story. And, get to see Rex Harrison. Decent family fun is hard to come by! It wasn't monumental, but it wasn't the embarrassment some assert either.

Jamie C (de) wrote: In a weird sort of way this is a good little film even though the plot is abit silly, The action was ok, Overall an ok film even with its poor acting.

Douglas L (mx) wrote: I love this piece of crap.

Brian P (au) wrote: One of the greatest comedies of all time

Tuomas S (es) wrote: Michael Caine Helsingiss. Hyv Suomi!