The Barefoot Contessa

The Barefoot Contessa

Has-been director Harry Dawes gets a new lease on his career when independently wealthy Kirk Edwards hires him to write and direct a film. They go to Madrid to find Maria Vargas, a dancer who will star in the film. Millionaire Alberto Bravano takes Maria from Kirk. Count Vincenzo Torlato-Favrini takes Maria from Alberto.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:English,Spanish,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   statue,   murder,  

Has-been director Harry Dawes gets a new lease on his career when independently wealthy Kirk Edwards hires him to write and direct a film. They go to Madrid to find Maria Vargas, a dancer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tor M (it) wrote: I have seen this stuff before, recently even. It's not very funny or original. It felt fake and over-childish. A film filled with upperclass and success - not a very good message to kids. Got it's few moments that can save it a tiny bit. A mediocre child film - a poor film for adults.

Lakshana M (it) wrote: The pace was dreadfully slow in telling a story that is all too far familiar.

Nesteren A (nl) wrote: I loved Lynda and her boldness.. She was a rebel, a searching soul and a challenger...

Susan B (gb) wrote: These people were weirder and dorkier than the crossword puzzle freaks in Wordplay and not as cute as the spelling bee kids in Spellbound. Still, I'm a sucker for this kind of movie. It was a bingo-palooza!

Benjamin W (gb) wrote: What I think I like best about this film is that it really wasn't a sports film. It wasn't really about a team coming together to win a championship, it wasn't about overcoming differences to win the game. In fact, it wasn't even about winning.It was about determination. It was about never giving up. It was about inspiring others to believe in your dream until all the naysayers finally gave in and cheered your name as you got on the field and made one play. Not a play to win. Not a play that turned the tide. Just a single play after years of struggle to attain a dream.

Angela P (ca) wrote: Cute, I liked it. Fred Astaire was a good choice for his role. Cyd Charisse wasn't bad, it's just that nobody did the Ninotchka role better than Greta Garbo.

Lemuel G (us) wrote: Nearly painful to watch

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