The Barrens

The Barrens

A man takes his family on a camping trip and becomes convinced they are being stalked by the legendary monster of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: the Jersey Devil.

A man takes his family on a camping trip and becomes convinced they are being stalked by the legendary monster of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: the Jersey Devil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark T (gb) wrote: had the potential to be an amazing film except that it's so confusing about who is who and how the characters relate to each other. was extremely disappointed in this

Matt J (ag) wrote: Hilarious! This guy is funny and vulgar. Not for kids. But hilarious for adults.

Joey M (au) wrote: Have you checked your mail lately?

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Tyler D (mx) wrote: This trilogy is for cinema of Hong Kong what The Godfather Trilogy is for American cinema. It is easy to see why this trilogy has such a cult following not only in Hong Kong but among movie lovers all over the world. The second film of the series is my personal favourite as it deftly incorporated spiritual and philosophical themes in a crime drama. The first one is absolutely riveting while the third one is a fitting end to the saga of cops and gangsters in Hong Kong. The three films have to be watched together really and treated as a single film. Forget about The Departed. This is the real thing.

John M (au) wrote: Interesting dramatisation of the beginning of the first Gulf war and the sudden rise of CNN. Solid all round.

Edilson F (au) wrote: I cannot agree with critics consensus: its an inteligent humor and the characteres are very interesting, there is a latent energy...not for all

Camille L (de) wrote: Des le debut du film, John Woo annonce la couleur : Hard Boiled sera violent, explosif et vraiment tres cool. Et comme John Woo est un mec super talentueux, Hard Boiled remplit toutes ses promesses, faisant meme oublier quelques defauts de post-synchro (toutes les repliques de John Woo sont hors synchro) et une duree un peu trop longue. Les fusillades sont exceptionnellement belles, le scenario est plutot solide (merci pour le personnage de Tequila Yuen, qui renvoie John McClane aux oubliettes), le score jouissivement datee et les acteurs excellents. Que demande le peuple?

Ola G (gb) wrote: In the year 2009, the super-wealthy gain immortality by hiring so-called "bonejackers" - i.e., mercenaries who use time travel technology to snatch people from the past, just prior to their deaths. Their bodies are then taken over by the rich to extend their lives. Those who escape bonejacking, known as "freejacks," are considered less than human under the law. In this dystopic future, most people suffer from poor physical health as a result of rampant drug use and environmental pollution, making them unattractive as replacement bodies. Alex Furlong (Emilio Estevez) is a professional race car driver who is about to die in a spectacular 1991 crash, witnessed by his fiance Julie Redlund (Rene Russo) and agent Brad (David Johansen), when a time machine snatches him from the car and into the wasteland that is the 21st century Bronx. When Furlong's captors - led by mercenary Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger) - are ambushed by a hit squad, Furlong escapes. Having no idea what happened, he tries to find Julie, but she no longer lives at her 1991 address. He takes shelter at a church, where a sympathetic (and well-armed) nun (Amanda Plummer) explains what has happened to him. She also provides him with clothing, food and a pistol. Furlong finds his former agent Brad, but Brad immediately sells him out, getting killed in the process. He then finds Julie, but she calls security, believing him to be "the bastard who stole [Furlong's] body." When Vacendak shows up, she realizes that Furlong is actually her Furlong. She goes to her boss Ian McCandless (Anthony Hopkins) to try and help Furlong escape the city. McCandless promises that he will help secure Alex's escape. However, it is a trap - Vacendak and his men try again to capture Furlong, but he manages to defeat the mercenaries and holds Vacendak at gunpoint. Furlong demands that he be told who wants his body; Vacendak finally tells him that McCandless himself wants Furlong's body... "Freejack" is a 1992 science fiction film, and upon its release in the United States, the film received mostly negative reviews. The story was adapted from Immortality, Inc., a 1959 novel by Robert Sheckley. I saw this at the movies in 1992 and it was a poor movie then and its a poor movie now. The storyline is somewhat ok, but its the production that is just bad. Its quite obvious here that Emilio Estevez has never been a very good actor and he simply cant carry the leading part. Whoever came up with the idea of putting Mick Jagger in the role of Vacendak, was not in his clear mind... The poor effects, green screens and general scenery adds to the b-movie feeling. And on top of this is the silly outfits, silly cars, Julies bodyguard running around with a small samurai sword etc etc. All this crappy details just adds up to a large pile of dung. The only positive thing with "Freejack" is the beautiful and talented Rene Russo.

Senor C (es) wrote: The first time a watched Ninja III I almost pissed myself laughing. For those who love movies that are so bad they're good then you'll be thrilled w/ this. A total 80s time trip w/ a mishmash of Ninja movies, The Exorcist & Flashdance. After being shot about a million times by the police an evil Ninja possesses telephone repair woman/aerobics instructor & star of the Breakin' movies Lucinda Dickey. It's up to Sho Kosugi to save her. Along the way she picks up a cop & tries to sexually seduce him w/ a can of V8. Goddamm V8 is sexy; I'll never drink a fortified can of tomato juice ever again w/out getting a boner.

Randy G (nl) wrote: analytically, it sux ... but i'd recommend suitable friends to see it

Abby H (au) wrote: i love this film bring bac memories

michael b (es) wrote: Franks only in this movie for 5 min

Bridger B (br) wrote: Amazing movie!! One of my favorites for sure!!

Trevor F (us) wrote: saw this when it came out, remembered thinking I liked it, now, it's not so great.

Emer C (gb) wrote: Have tissues close by.