The Battery

The Battery


Takumi Harada moves to Okayama Prefecture with his family during spring break before his entry to Junior High School. On the baseball field, Takumi has enormous confidence in his ability as pitcher, but socially he is a loner and appears unapproachable to others. Takumi meets a new classmate Goh Nagakura. Goh is captivated by Takumi's pitching and is eager to pair up with him as his catcher. The two join the Nitta East Junior High School baseball team, only to discover that baseball there is under the "complete control" of a dictator-like coach. Unwilling to compromise his beliefs, Takumi defies and clashes with the coach. Takumi and Goh seem to beg doing very well together, until the disparity of their skills start to come between them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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