The Battery

The Battery

In rural Connecticut, baseball players Ben and Mickey are trying to survive a zombie plague. They are forced to form a battery: a catcher and a pitcher who work together to outwit the batter, the one who hits the ball. And the batter in this case just happens to be a zombie. Tough Ben and gentle Mickey frequently disagree on the best way to go about the situation. Then they suddenly hear a human voice through their walkie-talkies. Is salvation nearby, like Mickey thinks, or is Ben’s suspicion justified?

The personalities of two former baseball players (Jeremy Gardner, Adam Cronheim) clash when they must struggle to survive a zombie apocalypse in the rural back roads of a post-plague New England. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo R (br) wrote: Awesome revenge flick creatively incorporating our heroine with supernatural powers and then relentlessly pursuing the bad guys and gratifyingly killing each in slow, humiliating deaths. Satisfied my blood lust and thankfully the brutalization/rape scene was not to graphic or long and pretty devoid of nudity. I love "revenge" flicks but not "torture porn". For me this movie was fun, entertaining, fast moving and gratifying.

Chris C (br) wrote: Borrows a lot from better films (Mad Max in particular), but still a fun, mindless action movie that pays homage to 80s action fests.

The N (mx) wrote: acab con los puppets

Denise H (gb) wrote: The Boston Globe gave this movie 4 1/"2 stars (see movie cover)...I give it 5 stars! A movie you need to watch over and over to understand the political machinations being done during the 1930's and WWII. The Jews were being killed in "death camps"...all the world leaders knew. It was documented, there were eye witnesses and protests but NOTHING was done except some general "tsk tsk's". In the 1930's when the insane, the crippled were killed in Germany because they were "non-productive" citizens there was a public outcry in GERMANY and the killings of these people stopped. When the Jews were rounded up (in plain site on a day-to-day basis), people believed they were being "re-located" to work camps....millions of them. Yet some people followed their hearts and worked to denounce these atrocities. And this story is about two of them...

Christina H (fr) wrote: It is interesting that the cover of this movie has Kenneth Branagh in big letters, when he was not a major character in it.However, it was a beautiful movie that worked to contrast the different ideals of womanhood and youth and age.

Cordarro M (mx) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous in every sense of the word.. but oh man is it entertaining.

Brad S (jp) wrote: Some good moments and interesting character dynamics, but mostly just typical macho Tarantino revenge fantasy stuff.