The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain

The official World War II US government account of Great Britain's stand against the Nazi war machine after the Dunkirk evacuation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter W (ru) wrote: People are born into this world, yet due to EGO people refuses to submit and crave to control their own life. But over time -- circumstances in the world can yet again, change a person. Such is the un-predictablity of the world and life.

Matt B (ag) wrote: Nostalgic, sweet, yet tragic story about how a woman, her daughter, and the boys and men in their lives are comforted by movies and buffeted by fate. Not exactly a Chinese "Cinema Paradisio", but similar in its love for film and its yearning for a lost innocence. Many reviewers have pointed out that the story rests upon a number of incredible coincidences; I think that this is intentional and is meant to echo the contrivances of the old movies the characters embrace. Well acted (especially the kids) well directed, and beautifully photographed.

Brittany P (ca) wrote: i absolutely love this movie

Anthony I (ag) wrote: Au Hasard Balthazar is a movie of extraordinary beauty, and earth-shattering tragedy, and a Godliness that can't simply be put into words. It's the story of a girl and her donkey, and the parallel existence between the two. They are abused and tortured by piggish men. The moral is as Catholic as movies get. The more Balthazar suffers, the wiser and holier he becomes. By the end of the movie, he's a saint, surrounded by a flock of sheep, as he lays to rest. The final scene alone is an unmistaken triumph of the power of cinema.

Anthony L (mx) wrote: A powerful film about the extent to which some people are racist. In White Dog, this dog is a "racist", it was trained to attack black skin only. From the haunting first scene where the dog is hit to the very sad last scene, this film proves to be a masterpiece. Although I was not quite fond of the ending, the rest of the movie was very well done and well acted.Favorite Scene: After sparring with Keys, the dog is tired and lays with him in the ring

Jon B (fr) wrote: Don't believe what others say -- this 1978 film has NOT aged well, and it's really a disappointment. Though an important historical period (Vietnam circa 1964) covering the madness of the early American involvement in the Vietnam War and the military mess, it's nearly unwatchable. It wants to be M.A.S.H. for the Vietnam era, but can't quite hack it. Lancaster is great, but he's working with an awful mess of a script, terrible direction (courtesy of cowboy shoot-em-up TV stalwart Ted Post), and an all-around weak supporting cast led by Marc Singer (of Beastmaster fame) in his first film. It's really hard to care about the underdeveloped characters, the pacing's way off the mark, and it's just not a film I would recommend unless you're a Vietnam War film completist like myself.

Russell G (br) wrote: Poor Dana Andrews, first Zero Hour makes him afraid to fly, now those damned teenagers with their hotrods are fucking with him so he's scared to drive. Goofy fun, works best if you pretend it's the continuing adventures from Zero Hour. Made origianlly for TV, and looks it.

Daryl K (ag) wrote: The traditional story -- town sheriff has to prevent a jailed murderer from being broken out by an army of hired guns -- is only one aspect of Howard Hawks' 'Rio Bravo'. What makes the film unique and endlessly re-watchable, is its distinctive characters and their interplay in one ambling scene after another. The result: a long picture that breezes by, and performances by the likes of Dean Martin and Walter Brennan that you'll remember long after. It's great fun seeing macho man Wayne reduced to stuttering schoolboy in verbal interplay with his Hawksian love interest, Angie Dickinson. Easily one of my favorite all-time Westerns, and one of my favorite John Wayne films.

Les E (it) wrote: Tense drama but not quite dark enough to make it noir.Sinatra made a good job of a difficult part.

Penny M (au) wrote: This is another favourite.

Matthew C (es) wrote: "Wings" is the first film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. It's also the only silent film to do so. This WWI drama, however, doesn't seem like a silent picture. Sure, there's no audible dialogue and there's title cards intercut throughout, but it seems far closer to the classic style of Hollywood filmmaking that we are used to. This distinction, quite honestly, is welcome to me. The acting, for one, appears to be far more naturalistic. There's less mugging, if you will. Also, the blocking and editing seems reminiscent of what one would see in any war epic from the 30s, 40s, or 50s. I'm even stunned by the level of violence present -- characters often spurt blood soon after being shot. These elements all help me distinguish this film from the silent era (of which I don't feel comfortable giving an un-biased review on) and provide me an easy entry point. This film came along toward the end of the silent era, explaining its more polished approach. But I am still fascinated by how much the art-form had evolved in just thirty years. Even for today's standards, "Wings" features some stunning imagery. Most notably, the film has some awesome aerial photography and stunts. Stunt flyers perform death-defying aerial maneuvers in WWI-era planes, and camera operators are right there in the cockpit to catch it all. There's no special effects here. Flyers nosedive, crash into buildings, and perform thrilling fly-overs -- making for quite a thrill-ride. I just don't see any of this being done today. Not that it should be. Safety isn't as big of a concern here as it is in the Hollywood of 2015.It becomes apparent pretty early on that, despite some stirring interpersonal drama, this production is more concerned about realistic aerial set-pieces than with the originality of its story. Like "Pearl Harbor," this work of historical fiction wraps a standard love triangle plot around its war footage. I don't think it would be reaching too far to suggest that the novelty of the film's aerial work was all it took to grant "Wings" the acclaim that it received.Still, there are some pretty good performances here. Clara Bow stands out. There's even a small role for Gary Cooper. Yes, THE Gary Cooper. Aside from a silly scene in a French nightclub featuring animated bubbles (imagined by our drunk protagonist), there's not much I can complain about. If not the best of the classic war movies, it's at least one of the best WWI films of all time.