The Battle of El Alamein

The Battle of El Alamein

This movie's opening prologue states: "June 1942. As Rommel swept toward the Nile, the fall of Egypt and the capture of the Suez Canal seemed inevitable. Italian and German advance units raced toward Alexandria. Mussolini had given explicit orders: The Italians must arrive first!"

WWII...1942, There's a savage 12-day fight for survival as the infantry of British Field Marshal Montgomery's Eighth Army fights against German Field Marshal Rommel's fabled Afrika Korps in the windswept Libyan Desert. In HD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Battle of El Alamein torrent reviews

Pavandeep S (mx) wrote: Really good movie, a film about impossible relationships and barriers upon barriers that can only be breached by something much more simpler and less cynical.

Dylan F (au) wrote: Excellent, taut thriller! Powerhouse performance from Shia LaBeouf. Also, a great, menacing performance from David Morse!

Andrei G (it) wrote: Movie was so bad, that it was actually good at some parts

Carlos I (de) wrote: Kick ass sequel! Easily the best in the series. Very brutal, great action, great monster designs, and scantily clad Selene. Good stuff.

Edgar C (de) wrote: It is actually very refreshing to see a gorgeous, little piece of art without a single ounce of Hollywood in it. The delicacies and hardships of a lifetime adressed with an unusual sense of humor and witty cleverness are displayed in 20 minutes! It adopts several faces throughout, and yet it does not abandon the topic any single moment. Harvie Krumpet is in all of us, expressing to the external world every single fantasy and dream that sleep within our souls while we wait for that imaginary bus stop. I just fell in love... 85/100

John T (ag) wrote: Pretty lame, but I did love this one. Fighting vamps to survive.

Matt L (us) wrote: One of a kind, and not entirely successful, but worth a look for something unique.

DARK B (nl) wrote: i think i seen this movie before

Mike D (ru) wrote: not completely horrible

Carly G (us) wrote: Funny, campy, brutal--they took old school thrills and made them fun.

Wes S (mx) wrote: It's a decent sequel, but it fails in comparison to the first. Couldn't they have picked a more interesting setting? The death scenes are alright, and still retain a level of shock. The characters are more or less generic, and Damien isn't too interesting on his own. Bit of a lackluster of an ending, yet it still holds chills.

Jaws N (gb) wrote: Funny how all the half-way decent DTV Disney sequels all involve dogs or Jason Alexander. Also depressing.

Chloe W (it) wrote: i hated this movie i like the movie The Room WAY better

Larry W (de) wrote: This is STILL the best attempt to make the F4. It's not half bad.