The Battle of Orgreave

The Battle of Orgreave


'The Battle of Orgreave' intercuts dramatic photographic stills from the clashes in 1984 with footage of the clashes re-enacted in 2001, together with moving and powerful testimonies, to tease out the complexities of this bitter struggle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Battle of Orgreave torrent reviews

Kim D (nl) wrote: Whilst the books inspires and enlightens, the movie fell flat.

Jo3y P (ag) wrote: Beautiful film reminding us to fully take advantage of every day, hour, second.. Loved It!!

Erin C (es) wrote: A little long, very slow, disappointing ending.

Panickos N (ag) wrote: Great comedy. Loved the intercultural, and intracultural situations and the way they are presented.

Calvin R (nl) wrote: Resident Evil a great video game adapatation.

Willow G (fr) wrote: I enjoyed it. Comical; however, the ending was a bit confusing.

Clay B (nl) wrote: LAST STAND AT SABER RIVER (1997)

Kevin S (br) wrote: Amanda Plummer is outstanding.

Tabatha D (it) wrote: My sister loves this movie but I sorta like it.

Ian B (nl) wrote: Basically a mediocre Halloween rip-off, by rip off, i mean a serious rip-off. Music is almost exactly the same, also the plot barely differs from the original. There is a few good violent scenes, but this movie is not amazing. Entertaining non-theless

Carl M (jp) wrote: Scott W. Mckinlay has seen one too many Troma movies... And we mean that in the best possible way! CREEP VAN is an outrageous, over-the-top splatterfest that throws back to the glory days of the 1980's. The absurdity of each kill is only exceeded by the ridiculous amount of bloody gore as the Creep Van bisects unsuspecting thieves, bashes brains in, and mows down anyone that gets in its way. Oh, and there's even a bit of a plot squeezed in there, too. Campbell is down on his luck after moving back from the city, so he takes a job at the car wash while saving up for a new car. Unfortunately for him, the only car he can afford is THE CREEP VAN! Cue the emphatic music. CREEP VAN is crass, vulgar, and utterly tasteless from the very start, making no attempt to hide its sleazy B-movie roots with its many in-jokes and cameos. Thankfully, it's all in good fun, and the stupid humor equals plenty of guilty laughs. It's time to buckle in for a gory good time with CREEP VAN!

Kurt F (ag) wrote: I love this movie. It didn't come out in 1982, by the way. It was released in 1987. I saw this movie years ago, and I have seen it more than once, but I took another look at it the other night. I was so inspired by this movie back in the day. Robert Townsend created his own success in this homegrown comedy that manages to present sketch comedy/parody within a narrative and tell a message without being preachy. It loses a half a star from me because the "Death of a Breakdancer" segment was always the weakest part, in my opinion. Now, granted, I'm not too familar with jheri curls.I am disappointed in how Townsend's career went from here. I loved "The Five Heartbeats" and some of his "Partner In Crime" HBO stuff, but beyond that it's been not-so-great. I do see that he continues to have an active career. It may have been difficult for him to see the Wayans family launch their careers from this and have more success than him. But, still, "Hollywood Shuffle" is a classic.

Jeff S (de) wrote: Paper Towns is a coming of age film. Reviews weren't great, but I adored its message of friendship, its navet, its possibilities, and even its tendency to drudge up old regrets. Sure, it's silly and sophomoric in places, but it's filled with some profound associations. Too many critics (and people in general) don't give the devil his due. Yes, a film can be silly at times and deadly serious at others. In the right hands, it can be virtually anything. Unfortunately, if it's the adaptation of an existing novel, too many people expect it to be "true" (a word used frequently in overly critical reviews) to its original form. True art isn't contrived, forced, bent to fit a form, or torn from a pattern. Even if it emerges from a story that's already been told, it should go where its revised characters or newly explored alternative paths lead. It should reach as far as effectively possible-even if that reach irrevocably changes it.Requisite high school antics were tempered but still believable (although the keg stand looked seriously backward). Many of the lines were quotable. The themes of friendship and discovery, in particular the discovery of what love might really be, ring true through impromptu adventures and the formation of unlikely relationships. The film itself is delightful, striking emotional chords in several places without being melodramatic or maudlin. The incorporation of paper towns was an intriguing concept.

Brad B (br) wrote: This movie was recommended to me by someone who I was very close to, the original intention was for me to watch it with her, but that's not possible anymore. When I realized it was on Netflix I knew that I had to watch it. Let me start off by saying, that this movie, is a bag of cats, soaked in water, fed nothing but caffeinated cat food and given nothing to breathe but catnip soaked air, that is the most accurate description I can give of the crazy that is this movie. And it was probably the only romantic comedy esque movie I've actually enjoyed rather than just tolerated. It had an interesting story and a not so surprising ending, but it all came together so well that the obvious ending didn't hurt it at all. Coupled with great camera work and a solid set of actors and actresses involved it was a wonderful way to spend 2 hours. To the person who recommended this to me, thank you, I wish there had been more time for you to give me even more recommendations, but this will have to do.

Erica J (kr) wrote: Found this pretty boring, the whole film is pretty much the woman in a room!