The Battle of Russia

The Battle of Russia

Documentary revealing the nature and process of the fight between the Soviet Union and Germany in the Second World War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nancy D (ru) wrote: It's a movie that stirs the same inner turmoil in me. I loved it.

Kitty W (mx) wrote: 1 star for Sandra Ng's acting skill; 1 star for Vivian Chow's beauty;1/2 star for the laughter this film gave out; -1 star for Vivian Chow's horrible acting skill.

Lucy L (fr) wrote: Boring, boring, boring! Bad dialogue and a bunch of mundane characters no one could care about. Anyone looking for gore will be too mind-numb by the time the story gets there. (And some really bad photography...)

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Art S (fr) wrote: Phil Karlson's true crime pic targets an Alabama town that is rife with vice and corruption. Much like Sam Fuller's more hysterical work, the emotional pressure on the central characters (fighting the mob but resisting vigilante justice) is continually racheted up and up. Introduced with interviews with real people but closing with a pitch by the actor playing John Patterson (who later really became governor of Alabama and apparently substituted his own speech into some showings of the film when campaigning). Filmed quickly with a low budget but nevertheless gripping.

Charles P (br) wrote: My Darling Clementine is surely among the most charitable and gentle of westerns.

Joshua P (jp) wrote: Amazing. Made me cry a few times.

Bryton P (de) wrote: I somehow managed to hate the movie that was making fun of Twilight more than I hate Twilight itself...

Robert S (ag) wrote: "We are Marshall." loved it