The Battle of Shaker Heights

The Battle of Shaker Heights

A quirky teen with a penchant for war reenactments, Kelly Ernswiler obsesses over military tactics with his buddy Bart. The school bully is one of Kelly's regular headaches, and he also has to deal with a frustrating situation at home, where his father is a recovering drug addict. Kelly's life gets even more complicated when he falls for Tabby, Bart's pretty and soon-to-be-wed older sister.

A young war reenactor makes a friend on the battlefield who helps him use strategy to take on his high school enemy. Driven by newfound confidence, he seduces the friend's fetching older ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan G (gb) wrote: Looks and sounds like someone recorded it with a cell phone.. Maybe the producers ran out of money after signing their star? Anyways, Englund brings his lovely dark humor to the picture and is the only reason to watch.

TheCullenLegacy (fr) wrote: Who doesn't love a movie where hope, love and believing saves Christmas!

Tina G (ru) wrote: brilliant all tha way

Michael F (fr) wrote: As a jaded slasher glutton, I have to say that Visiting Hours boasts one of the most miraculously startling and disturbing jump scares in horror cinema. This is achieved through a highly unexpected hiding place chosen by its killer (chillingly portrayed by Michael Ironside) early on in the film. I won't spoil the scare for those who haven't seen it, but I defy anyone not to gasp when Ironside pops out, especially given the bizarre and irreverent manner in which his character presents himself.Ironside is remarkable in this role, playing a nearly-silent misogynistic psychopath whose intentions are spelled out solely by the plot's indirect nuances and the actor's look of steely determination. Fortunately, the rest of the film's cast is filled out by some other great players. Lee Grant, as usual, turns in an assured and convincing performance. Linda Purl is fetching as the genial nurse assigned to Grant's care and serves as a needed counterbalance to Grant's brashness and Ironside's ferocity. And Lenore Zann is mentionable for her feisty and tough-as-nails portrayal of a hooker, in the vein of Nancy Allen. William Shatner is fine, but isn't given much to do.The film is given ample style and atmosphere by director Jean-Claude Lord, who really knows how to make the scares snap out of the dark and shamelessly confront us. There is a lot of dreadful anticipation in Visiting Hours that you don't really experience in too many other films.Having trudged through countless slasher films of grades of every quality, I can safely say that Visiting Hours is one of the scariest I've ever seen. My only complaint is that Lee Grant's character doesn't get quite enough retribution against Michael Ironside's psycho killer to outweigh the torrent of mortifying misogyny that guides the proceedings. But that jump scare? Now that's the way to do it.

Will C (br) wrote: With only a few good jokes (The Blue Star!) spread across a long 90 minute running time; Galaxina is a mostly unfunny film that sports a cast, who actually work very well together, whose only crime is following the script. Unless you REALLY like b-movie science fiction, skip it. Actually, this is silly to write anything about this because I'll bet not one of you have ever heard of this. What a waste of space this has become.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: I've been hearing and reading about this film since I became interested in film as an art form. It has taken me two decades to actually sit and down and "view" it. I'm glad it took this long. I doubt I would have really understood or had been able to relate to this film in my twenties or thirties. But, with two decades of living - Cassavetes' film hit more than a few chords. More of a film "experience" than a narrative story or plot, FACES delves into what has become the core of human need: connection to others beyond the simple social exchanges. I love the title. Al Ruban's cinematography is low-fi and frenetic. It has the feel of an uber-low budget cinma vrit, but there is an almost fluid camera dance into the faces of almost every person in the movie. Interestingly, we are not really seeing "faces" but the masks we all learn to apply as we navigate through our lives. The faces only emerge when pushed to the extremes of life and propelled by the force of alcohol, pills and the need for love. Essentially, this is a study in the human desperation for love and the endless puzzle of how to secure and trust in the love we find. It is easy to understand why this 44 year old movie is still discussed and studied. Though, the clothing and decors have changed -- people have not. If anything, social interaction has become even more challenging in the wake of social media and fallout from our parents Sexual Revolution. In a very key way, John Cassavetes and his team of artists have created a timeless and complex study into the heart of humanity. Certainly, this film will not be for everyone. It takes more than a few minutes to find your way into the flow, but once you do -- it is explosive.

Robin T (jp) wrote: Loved this old movie

Scott J (es) wrote: I wonder if Stephen King watched this before he wrote The Shawshank Redemption.

Christopher H (fr) wrote: A top 10 movie, all time all genre, for me. I grew up on this and still to this day believe it is the best on screen representation of the mythical side of Arthurian Legend. Nicol is far and away the best Merlin. Appearances by Gurney Hallck, Qui-gon Jinn, the computer Deep Thought, and the Satan that Arnie somehow defeated.MUST WATCH ONCE A YEAR

John E (ca) wrote: Exceptional comedy!! Eric Olsen is awesome!! It's basically Bring it On, but less witty with way more hot babes and worse acting!!

Bill Z (mx) wrote: Truly romantic story with happy ending