The Battle of the Sexes

The Battle of the Sexes

Angela Barrows, an accomplished business analyst from the US, attempts to contemporize the late MacPherson's tweed manufacture, shaking the very foundation of a men-only company.

Man-eating businesswoman, Angela Barrows is sent by her US company to Edinburgh to investigate export opportunities. She meets businessman Robert MacPherson en route and he persuades her to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Battle of the Sexes torrent reviews

AD O (gb) wrote: yeah this was bad but not horrible for background noise. the girls were good.

Gilad S (ag) wrote: it seems to be very unique one

Richard D (ag) wrote: An interesting story is told in about the least interesting way possible. This is all cliched scenes and expository dialogue.

May E (ru) wrote: Eddie Redmayne. That is all.

Jeri B (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed it! Melanie Griffith was great and loved seeing Fanny Flagg in this.

Emma V (nl) wrote: I would be able to dismiss this movie as your average bit of horror/sci-fi trash were it not for the efforts of one man. Brad Dourif. He makes this movie much in the same way Heath Ledger made The Dark Knight.

Cedric T (de) wrote: Highly recommended a pure master piece.

Pete S (gb) wrote: 80's sci-fi at it's worst. Cavemen and women with 80's hairstyles, ugh. So fake it's hilarious.

Michael M (us) wrote: I always though Raw was better though Delirious is still pretty fucking hilarious at times.

Thomas C (ca) wrote: Sweet and sympathetic as it is funny and original. Not to mention it's well acted too. Suitable for adults as it is for kids, this flick is a must see. Can I have more of that?