The Battles of a Nation


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Users reviews

Bill R (ag)

Half a star included for her. It's always pleasant to see Hayley Atwell, though. No discernable rational behavior on the part of either the police or the criminals. Lots of action and macho posturing. And gone. The time for this sort of thing has come. GUARANTEE: No professional police work was depicted during the filming of this movie

Carl E (de)

truly underrated movie with great acting & chemistry between Quaid & Caviezel , compelling story and well worth checking out if you have never seen it

Holly D (it)

The story was kind of neat, but nothing incredibly unique. I thought this was going to be a scary movie, but it wasn't

Jally J (ag)

ne survives at the beginning, and at the end, and the story continues. . . Nice idea

James M (kr)

t succeeds reprehensibly!. Apparently, this film is TRYING to be one of the worst films ever made, hence the title

Kayleah T (mx)

While this movie shows the lengths both a mother and a father will go to, to ensure their child is being properly cared for and loved, it also helps children of parents who are divorced realize that their family is not broken and what happened is not their fault. Miranda is awarded full custody of the children and in a desperate attempt to see his kids more than once a week Daniel dresses up as an old English woman to get the job as the kids' nanny. When Miranda realizes the love she once had for Daniel is no longer there, she wants a divorce. A majority of the relationship problems this couple faces stem from Daniel's childish behavior and inability to maintain a job or help out around the house. Daniel and Miranda have been struggling in their marriage for quite some time now. Doubtfire" did an excellent job of confronting taboo issues many families face in a way that was relatable for both kids and parents. While Robin William's whimsical character can warm anyone's heart, the movie "Mrs

Marti M (us)

Angelina & Danny Aiello were great together in this one

Miguel A (mx)

,5/5. Ao lado de "Trouble Every Day" e de "Stranded" (hilariante de to p (C)ssimo), "Essential Killing" forma uma esp (C)cie de trilogia dos "filmes mauzinhos com o Vincent Gallo para ver antes de morrer". Al (C)m disso, e independentemente de Vincent Gallo ser impecvel no papel, (C) inevitvel ficar com a sensao de dej-vu enquanto vemos um homem de barba grande a sofrer bastante enquanto caminha desorientado por grande parte da durao do filme. Mas se "Brown Bunny" funcionava bem nessa funo e tinha po (C)tica, "Essential Killing" (C) o tipo de coisa que s (C) tolervel e aplaudida porque tem o Vincent Gallo e no um actor qualquer mais habituado aos pap (C)is de heri de aco. E isto, bem vistas as coisas, no parece assim to diferente daquela romaria catrtica que levava o Bud Clay pela Am (C)rica procura de uma flor que o fizesse esquecer a Daisy. "Essential Killing" nem sequer foi realizado por Vincent Gallo, mas (C) o tipo de filme que assenta bem no seu gosto caprichoso por alienar pblicos: portanto, aqui temos um "survivor movie" centrado num s homem e repleto de pretenses existenciais-filosficas nem sempre muito bem exploradas. O Vincent Gallo parece estar bem encaminhado numa transio entre o ser conhecido pela arte e o ser infame pela arte de ser chato

Mike P (au)

A must see WWII movie

Peter B (fr)

One to watch for mafia fans. This true to life mobster thriller is bolstered by excellent performances from Depp, Pacino and Madsen