The Bay of Love and Sorrows

The Bay of Love and Sorrows

The Bay of Love and Sorrows is a haunting modern tragedy set on the rural shores of New Brunswick's Bay of Miramichi. In late summer 1973, Michael Skid, the son of a well-to-do judge, returns home and rents a dilapidated farm. He begins to spread the gospel of communal ideals, which he has absorbed during his travels in India. His new worldliness and ideas go over well with impoverished siblings Madonna and Silver Brassaurd and the hopelessly naïve Carrie. They go over less well with Tom Donnerel, a young farmer and Carrie's fiancé. Wounded by Tom's derision, Michael befriends ex-convict Everette Hatch, who, recognizing opportunity, exploits Michael's ideas to his advantage. Believing himself capable of understanding people from the other side of the track, Michael fails to recognize that the ex-con is manipulating him and so sets off a catastrophic chain of events in the community

Tragedy strikes the young people of a rural New Brunswick community when they become involved with a scheming and violent ex-con. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shajie K (mx) wrote: Fun but a bit long and they way it was done feels like its two stories :/

Paul P (de) wrote: The film does not reflect the depth or magic of the novel, but few films do, especially films adaptations of semi-mystical South American novels; such as the poorly done but finely casted Allende novel, House of the Spirits. Bardem shines as the introspective but passionate idealist main character, the sets, styling and music work well, but the whole does not connect as it should for so beautiful a story and tension between idealist and practical love. Still a film to be enjoyed, I think it needed a South American director to bring out the inner passion and visions of its main characters.

Robert B (es) wrote: Astro Boy (David Bowers, 2009)I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get round to writing a few words about Astro Boy, which I watched a while back and quite enjoyed; I should mention right up front that I haven't read the manga on which the film is based, so I can't give you an exhaustive list of differences or anything like that. I just took it as a stand-alone movie, and a pretty darned cute one at that.Bowers (Flushed Away) gives us a far-future tale where Earth has become a wasteland, and the surviving humans live in Metro City, a tamed asteroid that revolves moon-like around the planet's surface. As we open, Dr. Tenma (voice of Nicolas Cage), a well-respected, but slightly cracked, scientist (and, as a side note, the protagonist of Osamu Tezuka's smash hit manga Monster), is living in Metro City with his son Toby (voice of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Freddie Highmore). After Toby loses his life in an accident with a Tenma-created mech gone rogue, Tenma deovtes his talents to creating an android version of Toby. Long story short: he succeeds, but he cannot bring himself to think of the android as his son, so he asks his associate Dr. Elefun (voice of Hot Fuzz' Bill Nighy) to shut Toby down-just after Toby has discovered a whack of superhuman powers that have also brought him to the attention of the military. Toby, trying to avoid all comers, finds himself on Earth, an unwitting mediator between a group of outcast children who work as part-scavengers in the mountainous scrap-heaps of robot parts that now dot the earth's surface, and a group of misfit mechs who call themselves the Robot Revolutionary Front. The two groups are at odds over the kids' employer, Hamegg. The RRF claim Hamegg destroys robots, while Hamegg claims he's sending the kids out to scavenge parts so he can make robots whole again. And then there's Cora (voice of Pulse's Kristen Bell), the head of Hamegg's group of scavengers, who keeps trying to contact her family in Metro City...It's cute, it's very well-animated, it's got a top-notch voice cast (including eleven words from Samuel L. Jackson). How can you go wrong? Of course, I could probably answer that question by reading the manga, but for what it is, I found it very enjoyable. You probably missed this in the theaters-it was considered a flop, making only half of its $40 mil budget back on the big screen-so give it a go now. You won't regret it. *** 1/2

Daisy M (es) wrote: I loved the story. It's beautiful, touching, human and above all it's real. The characters are real human beings who need love and comfort and attention and someone who listens to them, take care of them, or just hold them? All the actors delivered excellent performances. The script, as usual, is the key here. also the dialog that has kept the movie interesting. The people come off as humans engaged in the difficult situations of life. Cecillia for seducing a married man in order to feel wanted, and Niels for caving to his mid life urges at the cost of his family.I was not used to dogma movies, but this one seems to work for me.

Gigi D (br) wrote: Who ever wrote this synopsis has no sense of humor and puts far too much thought into comedies. Get a life buddy.

Sarah L (es) wrote: Jim Carey is sexy as a vampire! But Lauren Hutton as the countess is a trainwreck! I would rather poke my eyes out with a fork than to watch that woman trying to be sexy.

Weston H (es) wrote: if you read LLoyds book, you'd think this was pure garbage. while slow at times, it has its moments. the dvvd bonuses are slim but hillarious. its too bad Oliver Stone has decided he's too good for even a phone interview.

Tim K (es) wrote: Surprised me...not as much as May, but it surprised me. Doesn't really know where it is going, but it had its moments.

James H (es) wrote: Dreams, Love, chiildren, death. What's not to sob uncontrollably about in this film? One must be stone-hearted to never tremble a lip, or allow a tear to slowly abseil down one's face. A beautiful film.

Jessica L (us) wrote: I'm not a zombie fan, but this was one awesome movie. The inner dialogue of R was hilarious. Really liked the plot too. And Nicholas Hoult (*.* LOL)

Dawn V (kr) wrote: I am a sucker for great profiles and Adrien Brody's is not my ideal (too much nose) but I am mesmerized by his face. Reading his expressions, savoring his body language, and listening to his voice, I find fascinating and in Manhattan Night we get to watch him up close. It's obvious that first time feature film director Brian Decubellis finds his leading man fascinating to watch as well. Brody as an investigative reporter is a member a dying breed; as his leading lady/femme fatale, Yvonne Strahovski states, I didn't know people still read newspapers. Their relationship, dysfunctional at best, is reminiscent of many of the great film noir detective couples, think Mary Astor and Bogart in Maltese Falcon, drawn to each other but simultaneously distrustful of the other's motives. Brody is a family man willingly lured by Strahovski and knows he is going to hell for his behavior but that is not enough to stop him from acting on his infatuation, part of which, is his desire to help the damsel in distress find answer to a riddle. There are many plot twists and turns, and an ending that I would not have guessed (and I am usually good at this). Campbell Scott , Strahovski's dead husband , is excellent as the on the edge performance artist who documents every moment of his life and it is nice to see Steven Berkoff as the corporate bad guy who turns out to have some warmth still in his heart. Overall, I found Manhattan Night enjoyable from start to finish and a great addition to the film noir genre.