The Beachcomber

The Beachcomber

Adaptation of the novel by W Somerset Maugham.

Mr. Gray is the new Resident in Charge of the Welcome Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Islands are full of life, but the only other Europeans are the "sanctimonious, psalm-singing" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (nl) wrote: 'A United Kingdom' is a true story about a potential king who finds his love in Great Britain, but the problem is we're the 1940s and the royalty is black and his love interest is white. This is an interesting story that is filmed beautifully, but it's so safe and plodding that it isn't fun or engaging. There are long runs of build up with resolutions that happen with that snap of a finger. Jack Davenport plays the evil Brit and we get beat over the head that he is evil. This is all contrived and the music tells us how to behave, but there isn't passion in the film and you shouldn't be passionate about seeing it. For a movie with so much at stake you'd expect more emotion from the aggrieved. Final Score 4.1/10

Gil S (au) wrote: I had dark fantasies for the main protagonist. Is that weird?

Rodney R (nl) wrote: if you like the stargate tv series then you'll really really like this

Glen S (ca) wrote: Layers of memory and hallucination with no regard to real time. What actually happened and to whom? In the end, who cares?

Kauo S (au) wrote: Definitely underrated. Stupid comedy that is the type of movie that gets more funny after you watch it and think back about it.

Marco F (es) wrote: An incredible performance by Sigourney Weaver and the rest of the cast is good too. The actors (mostly Weaver) outdo everything else, including the incompetent direction, the mediocre writing, the bad, misplaced music and the ridiculously bad editing. But this slow movie might be worth a watch just to see Weaver smoke grass. I'll bet you could never imagine her doing that.

Amber L (jp) wrote: funny. But i can't find the reason why Thomas Haden Church played the killer..

Colm M (us) wrote: Another dependable from Mike Leigh. His characters are never fully real, in that they are charicatures of real people in real situations. They are always recognizable as are the very ordinary lives in which they live. Leighs gift is that he is able to use his over the top characters and his very affectionate humour to tug at the humanity within us and bring out our empathy. This is a story of friendship, how it survives over time even when people change dramatically and how some people fall by the wayside and don't fair so well. Such is life and Mike Leigh does life in a very tender and funny way.

Trevor H (ca) wrote: bad movie I enjoyed as a kid.

Ryan V (de) wrote: After getting picked up for American distribution, Ishiro Honda's famous monster film was subjected to some truly unorthodox bowdlerization. The thinly-veiled allusions to Hiroshima were removed for obvious reasons, but the strangest move was tacking on a bunch of inserts with Raymond Burr playing a visiting journalist (Most of his scenes involve him asking various people to interpret the undubbed and unsubtitled footage his scenes are haphazardly spliced with). For decades, this cut of Godzilla was the only version available to Western audiences. With the DVD release of the movie's original 1954 Japanese cut, the Americanized take can be properly downgraded to the status of "odd historical curio".

Davey M (au) wrote: C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winniger, and Harry Carey play matchmaker from both sides of the grave. Always trust the old Russian woman's premonitions.Temptations of the stage can corrupt even the most handsome of Texans.Loose women literally don't have souls.Christmas?

AlMarie R (mx) wrote: it was soo good! I cried at the end

Sheri H (mx) wrote: Wow!!! I believe this movie should be called "We are the Walking Hall Of SHAME" Please keep your head down because this movie was a complete failure for those who love football and go to extreme limits to make it in the NFL. This movie started off real strong encouraging the town to continue playing for those who lost their lives in the airplane. They struggled to find people in their own community to continue playing for their lost loved ones. When they eventually built a team strong enough to play, the coach and his team must of forgot who they were really playing for. I was hoping for a silver lining at the end of the movie to encourage and and motivate others to leave a legacy in their community, but this one definitely did not raise the bar to any level of expectancy. After watching this horrible movie, I sure hope i get paid for it in hopes to give back to those who actually want to play football and are prepared to give us an undefeated team. Thanks for nothing and once again, all i saw were dollar signs and I'm hoping to get A LOT of it for destroying my Black History Hall of FAME and for watching this.