The Bear

The Bear

An orphan bear cub hooks up with an adult male as they try to dodge human hunters.

An orphan bear cub hooks up with an adult male as they try to dodge human hunters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Champ S (br) wrote: graphic is interesting while the story is pretty fun to watch.

Rameshwar N (ag) wrote: Finally a movie that makes sense and also has sensibility coming from the Telugu movie industry. It is neither a trend-setter nor is it the first of it's kind. It is just a movie made by a director who had clarity on what he wants and also had the ability to execute it. I watched this movie because my colleague is a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan and had to tag along for company. Based on my absolute disgust for Pawan Kalyan's earlier performances, expected the worst from this. What came out was not just pleasant but surprising too for it's subtlety and clarity. Jay (Pawan Kalyan) is loyal head of security to Bhagwan (Jackie Shroff), a mafia head of the city. Bhagwan's son Munna (Adivi Sesh) a young brat who comes back from abroad doesn't take no for anything and Bhagwan shows a blind eye and deaf ear to what his son does. With Munna's stubbornness, drug induced mood swings and lack of respect creates a rift in the ranks of Bhagwan's trusted employees. In a confrontation, Jay kills Munna and the rest of the story is on what lengths Bhagwan would go to exact revenge on Jay. It is a surprisingly held back performance from Pawan Kalyan as we rarely see his unwatchable antics here. The two female leads gives an apt performance and fits their roles well. There is a huge array of supporting cast and everyone gives a controlled and apt performance and a special mention has to go to Adivi Sesh. Enforced comedy feels forced and the songs even though shortened seems to deviate from the plot at times. Action sequences do not go way too overboard as it normally happens in movies from this industry and the screenplay though not groundbreaking or innovative, is done well. Though many scenes are inspired by iconic scenes from popular Hollywood movies, they don't seem out of place. From what I heard, the fans of Pawan Kalyan are not too happy about the outcome, but as a strong critic of the same actor - I would say this is the best movie I have seen of him so far. Watch it, as movies that are made with clarity on outcome and entertaining at the same time are hard to come by from here. Running at 150 minutes feels a good 30 minutes too long, but hey nothing can be too perfect.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Sweet Christmas movie. Sort of a Groundhog Day, but set over Christmas Eve. Yes, it's kind of predictable, but one of the better ABC Family Christmas movies I have seen. Not overly cloying, and the Christmas lights and decorations etc make it quite pretty to look at. Amy Smart is a good actress too, have liked her in quite a few things, and she's a good choice here too. It can get repetitive as basically you watch Kate relieve Christmas Eve over and over until she gets her messy love life sorted and gains a better understanding of some of the people in her life too, but it never dragged or got boring.

Dot L (us) wrote: I agree with the Tomatometer!

Taylor P (gb) wrote: great selection of talented actors.....

Maria D (us) wrote: I don't know if Nick Bloomfield's intention was to make the audience lose all respect for law enforcement authorities but if it was (IMO) he sure did succeed in this regard. Pretending that the murders are a mystery might be good for marketing but the lack of closure on this is disrespectful to these two rappers, their families and their fans.

Tara M (nl) wrote: My second favorite movie of all time. Acting, plot, directing was all brilliant!

Porto S (it) wrote: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, gammelt dritt

Sarah D (mx) wrote: no maybe this is my all time favorite!

jay n (mx) wrote: The cast makes this worth seeing. Average script and indifferent direction aside James Garner is well cast in the lead the supporting cast is full of wonderful character actors the best being Henry Jones. Natalie Wood, who did this to get Splendor in the Grass, is charming and incredibly lovely with a great wardrobe in a thankless part.

Dalton V (es) wrote: Though this is meant to be a rom-com about luck, what unfolds is a painfully slow and drab slosh of beyond comprehendible stupidity.

Eric R (it) wrote: A great film about a group of merchant marines during World War II. Instead of focusing on one character the story really takes its time introducing the audience to the various seaman, The movie makes an interesting statement about the isolation, boredom, and terror these men faced during wartime and it is well acted and beautifully shot.

Michael L (mx) wrote: Watching with my kids had improved my estimation of this one. It's obvious, but well done within those restraints.

pete 1 (fr) wrote: a disney classic humour still holds up disney dont make films like this anymore such a shame