The Bears and I

The Bears and I

When a man adopts three bears, he faces one of the hardest decisions of his life.

A man seeking peace and quiet finds himself father to three bears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Bears and I torrent reviews

Lauren B (nl) wrote: This movie is absolutely hilarious!

Romn H (jp) wrote: Sin comentarios! No soy fan de este tipo de peliculas.

Chris S (ca) wrote: Unnecessary swearing but otherwise a good laugh if you don't feel like thinking much.

Jen P (br) wrote: really stupid the first one is the BEST

Adam L (kr) wrote: Fun, lightweight comedy thriller in the mould of Charade (1963). This film has been unfairly criticized and maligned over the years but it's a nice little film with great performances and an infectious score. Film is missing a middle act but is a nice little movie.

Nate H (gb) wrote: The Ricki Lake fat jokes were sweet.

Al M (jp) wrote: An enjoyable follow-up to the classic original, Stephfather 2 is cheesy from beginning to end and has few memorably horrific moments, yet it still manages to entertain the fan of 80s slasher fare. Often hilarious, frequently dumb, Stepfather 2 is not likely to be appreciated by everyone, but slasher fans will most likely enjoy it if not outright love it.

Devin W (es) wrote: This movie is actually a zero, but watch it with a couple of friends and you're guaranteed to have a good time at a dead man's expense.

Alberto V (au) wrote: todo lo q es... una pelicula de relleno..son de esas pocas peliculas, q veo y luego, inmediatamente, shift+supr5mentarios...