The Beast

The Beast

The head of a failing French family thinks that fate has smiled down on him when the daughter of a wealthy man agrees to be married to his son. The daughter and her aunt then travel out to the French countryside to meet with the family, unaware that a mysterious 'beast' is stalking the vicinity.

The head of a failing French family thinks that fate has smiled down on him when the daughter of a wealthy man agrees to be married to his son. The daughter and her aunt then travel out to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan W (us) wrote: To say that this movie is merely about an unhappy couple and the oh so cliched pending infidelity is a bit reductive. This movie is about more than the fact that the leading women feels trapped by an unhappy marriage .. it depicts her in her quest to rediscover that spark, that joy of life she apparently lost while being lulled into a cocoon of middle age marital life. Her entire life revolves around her emotionally distant husband. And while it may not be ideal to cheat on your respective partner, the actual cheating is merely an byproduct of her path to rediscover that Joie de vivre, that spark that is so missing from her life. Consequently, she is fascinated when she encounters the young 19 yr old American backpacker (international hobo?!) that seems so full of youth and has an authentic awe of the world. He represents all what she's lacking in her own life. A life full of youthful exuberance and a genuine excitement for life's possibilities.- SPOILER In the end she chose not her husband. Nor the boy which she was supposedly enamored with, proving that she was merely using him as a springboard for her own self discovery. One interpretation is that this was a really selfish act however, one can view it as an utilitarian one. Instead of choosing to stay with her husband for the wrong reasons, causing them both to resent each other and become even more unhappy over time, she chose herself. To "honor her grandmother's legacy" by making her life something worth living. Perhaps she realized that the basis for her affection with the young guy was merely her fascination with the qualities he possessed and which she desired and not love. In the end she chose herself. This is very much a modern narrative. As each generation becomes increasingly individualistic (and dare I say narcissistic?) , the 'individual journey' and life path becomes even more essential. It's not just enough to settle down with a partner and play house - you need to keep your desire for life - your wanderer spirit - your inner child alive as well.

Rhys T (au) wrote: I can't count how many people who told me to see this pile of shit all who said "oh you're going to love it"well guess again... it sucksI watched about 10 minutes of it and hated it so much I wanted to ask Netflix for my time and money back

Panos Y (it) wrote: It has its funny moments. A bit varied acting from Galifianakis, a normal quite funny Ferrell. Overall an ok selection for the night.

alberto l (gb) wrote: there's no million dollared cgi talk feature in this movieand the movie is uncreative

Adriano B (mx) wrote: You can tell the story is cliched and full of hard cop stereotypes and, you know, you don't give it a damn: Flash Point is a wonderful beatfest, with that senseless violence that made you love action flicks in the '80s. Yen here is a bad-ass self-destructing killing machine who reminds me of Lethal Weapon Gibson, and his humungous athletic talent (in a smorgasboard of martial arts) would keep the movie going even alone. Cocky character - both bad and good guys - making you to feel eveey punch. King of ouch!-flick.

Michael T (us) wrote: Leisurely, much-acclaimed examination of male bonding.

Codie E (gb) wrote: Nice to see a somewhat romantic comedy centred on a depressive garbage man and a boring check out girl. The film is charming and pleasant but lacks underlying importance like the work of Ken Loach or Milos Forman's Czech output.

Fuad H (ru) wrote: Pacino was excellent coming out of his bad-ass roles.... kindda different.

Brianmallgravehotmailcom B (ru) wrote: Cool well done 70's quirky horror

Mark W (ag) wrote: The biggest downside to Bereavement much like Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, is you kinda knew how everything was going to pan out. Non the less, I found this to be an engaging and well thought through horror movie! Malevolence has the slight edge, in my opinion, as its the more slasher based, however this is definitely a well done prequel.

Albaab R (es) wrote: Awesome "slice of life" movie. Movie to watch just for watching . Smooth, funny, sharp and just captures a time in life that becomes fantastic in nostalgia - the starting days of undergrad life