The Beast of the City

The Beast of the City

Police Chief Jim Fitzpatrick is after gangster Sam Belmonte. He uses his corrupt brother Ed to watch over Daisy who was associated with Belmonte.

Police Chief Jim Fitzpatrick ruthlessly goes after organized crime and is prepared to use brutal and violent methods to fight it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marah R (ag) wrote: No story, no horror, no action, no thrill. Couldn't even finish!

rick r (nl) wrote: "Grabbers" is a modern creature-feature, horror-comedy from the Emerald shores of Ireland. The film is directed by Jon Wright, who directed the 2009 dark horror, social satire "Torment", which dealt with class warfare and social injustice within society through the microcosm of the politics of life among the student body. That film was a serious address to the principles of an action-consequence scenario set in a traditional-styled horror. "Grabbers" is a lighter, more fun-loving satire about Irish stereotypes, inebriation, and a celebration of community and culture facing an identity in transition,set in total b- movie sci-fi, horrror-comedy fanfare. The movie stars Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey and Lalor Roddy. In "Grabbers" a small hamlet on a island just off the coast of Ireland mainland, finds themselves in the middle of an alien invasion. These are not the little green meanies bent on planetary domination. In this story the aliens are huge ravenous Kraken-esque creatures that find our world just one big smorgasbord . It is up to the villagers to fight off these creatures and save the planet, but in order to do so they have to approach the situation through beer goggles. Once they learn that the only way they can stay alive, and not seem tasty, is to get really really drunk! The creatures love blood, need it to thrive and procreate. Alcohol is like poison to them, so it becomes a salvation to the community. Nothing but fun can come from this! It is a truly entertaining set-up, and a total Irish embrace of preconceived notions of the Irish people by the rest of the world. The film is pretty much a statement that says they are owning it!For me personally, "Grabbers" is one of those rare films that celebrates everything about classic b-movie creature-features in a modern way without looking like it is making a big effort to do so. It gets it right! The film flows smoothly and effortlessly, which makes it an easy, fun viewing experience. There is no real odd moments were the acting seems coerced, or the lines fall flat. You don't even have to be Irish, or from the UK, to get the humor to relate to the film. "Grabbers" maintains a level of story and dialog that is truly universal. Not since "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" and "Tremors" have I enjoyed a film like this so much. The creatures dominated every scene they were in, with care and quality taken to how best to represent the monsters on screen. They didn't look cartoonish or ridiculous. The actors were funny and likable. The funny was actually funny. I have to say that "Grabbers" is a really great film, and one of the best horror-comedies that I have seen in a great while.

Ankish R (gb) wrote: Shah Rukh Khan gives his career's best performance is this absolutely remarkable film. Karan Johar's incredible direction makes it a must watch.

Alexander H (fr) wrote: Lacks the coherence to take advantage of its fascinating setting.

Samuel A (us) wrote: Ne casse pas la baraque...

Michael M (de) wrote: A sensitive and thoughtful film about a gentle ex-con (a sturdy but evenly tempered Alan Rickman) and his encounter with a high functioning woman with autism (Sigourney Weaver) in the Canadian suburbs. A bit contrived at points, but in the hands of these two the human drama shines through the contrivances. As always, for any actor playing someone with disabilities, it is hard to know whether Weaver's character is spot-on or over-played for the sake of camera. Remains more character/actor driven than involving for the audience, but still worth a watch.

Rachana N (gb) wrote: I really appreciated this movie.. it was very different, and nicely played out. I believe this is my favorite Abhishek movie, as he did an amaaaazing job.

Vadim D (nl) wrote: A highly predictable, but very entertaining film. Perhaps it's my love for tennis that clouds my judgment, but the film is a lot of fun. Paul Bettany, James McAvoy, and a young "Jamie Lannister" are all great in here. Even Kirsten Dunst, who is often a hit or a miss for me, is quite likable. This is a type of a movie where you have to give in and enjoy the ride. Love means nothing in tennis! Love means zero!

Laura E (au) wrote: I signed up to rotten tomatoes just to leave a review for how absolutely terrible this film is.

Pedro G (mx) wrote: This is a Best Alien Film of ALL TIMES!

Gregory W (gb) wrote: good stuff early brit noir

Art S (nl) wrote: Key Ealing Comedy starring Denis Price as a young man whose mother was disinherited from her noble family (because she married an Italian man below her station) and who seeks revenge. At the start of the film, there are 12 people ahead of him in the line of succession to the Dukedom and by the time he hatches his plan, only 8, all played by Alec Guiness (including in drag). You can guess what is plan is, as the film begins with Price in the death house waiting to be hanged the next morning. This makes for a delicious, very understated, probably subversive black comedy. There are some hints that the main character is gay (as was apparently the director) and the film is set during the time of Oscar Wilde, but I never noticed such things until they were pointed out. Why don't they make them like this anymore?

Paul D (es) wrote: Sure it's cliched, but I'm not sure what sports movie isn't. It's not an amazing movie, and it's not a terrible movie, and if you're already a lacrosse fan, you'll probably enjoy this one. Better acted and more enjoyable than I expected.

Renea J (es) wrote: I am not a movie critic or a writer and have never aspired to be so, I'll do you a favor and leave out words like exuberant or byzantine, and you're welcome. I am a woman that watched a movie that was a bit out of her comfort zone and happened to find it completely hilarious; to the point of snorting while laughing I'm afraid. Who knew Ryan Gosling could so convincingly scream like a girl?! If you're not easily offended and don't mind boobs in every other shot and you have any sense of humor at all, you will love this movie.