The Beasts

The Beasts

A father seeks revenge from a gang of thugs who raped his daughter and murdered his son.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   gang,  

A father seeks from a gang of thugs who raped his daughter and murdered his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica H (gb) wrote: Has a made for cable feel that has you wanting your money back.

Maisam M (de) wrote: Good Suspence Thriller..

Lydia G (nl) wrote: Welcome to Gaza, the open air prison where the wardens threw away the key...

Joe H (ru) wrote: The first one is the best but still really enjoyed it

Bill G (es) wrote: I love submarine movies. Films like "Run Silent, Run Deep" and "The Hunt for Red October" show the kind of intense thriller that filmmakers can craft with a submarine setting. "Down Periscope," on the other hand, shows what happens when a studio puts a few million dollars in the wrong hands and says make a comedy. The dung begins with the brilliant (<---- sarcasm) casting of both Kelsey Grammar AND Rob Schneider (together again for the first time). So I presume the line of thinking went something like, "Well, Kelsey Grammar is mediocre at best. Let's hedge our bets and cast Rob Schneider, who's just plain God-awful." The plot of this feces sees Grammar as a Navy officer finally given a command, but of an old diesel sub. He's pitted against a nuclear sub in war games to sink a decommissioned battleship. Now I bet you're asking yourself: War games--where's the peril? Nothing is at stake. Where's the thrust in the plot that grabs the audience and pushes forward the story to a climax? Well, coincidentally (<---- sarcasm), I, too, found myself asking this question. A race by two subs to sink an empty battleship in a game. Well, I have to torpedo this movie: It sucks mule d*ck (I think Roger Ebert said the very same thing about "Funny Girl"). And seriously, Rob Schneider? Has he ever said a funny word in his life? Has he ever done a funny thing? Ever? Had the filmmakers tied Rob Schneider to a pommel horse and brought in Ving Rhames to violate Schneider with an assortment of unusually large phallic objet d'art for 90 minutes, THEN Rob Schneider would be funny. So, in summary, if you're looking for something to watch and your only choice is "Down Periscope," then instead, shove shards of glass under your fingernails then dip your hands in lemon juice. Same difference.

Andy P (gb) wrote: Lethal Weapon 2 becomes undone when it loses it's playful tone in favour of a po-faced second half, but for a retread of the buddy cop formula it builds on the sweet and amusing chemistry of it's two leads, making for a sometimes amiable if dull end product.

Directors C (de) wrote: Clint Eastwood still acts wonderfully and the film has slightly better pacing than its predecessor but ultimately the jokes are tired and resultingly the film is any which way but good.

Sean R (ca) wrote: Although I can "appreciate" the film's intentions, it just did not click for me as an enjoyable movie. Though Gazzara was exceptionally strong in his role, it seemed as if the surrounding characters' dialog was somewhat weak. I didn't really see the point in the movie at all, to be perfectly honest. I suppose some novels are best kept as strictly novels. I wasn't expecting much out of the film, though I walked out thinking about it for a bit. I suppose that does deserve recognition to the film. However, films are meant to be entertaining I would think. I did not "enjoy" this one.

Joel S (au) wrote: One of my favorite war movies to date.

Howard S (mx) wrote: Great movie! Definitely a classic!!

Natarsha T (kr) wrote: Jada Pinkett Smith- "Lord, take me now!!!!!"

Gimly M (jp) wrote: Normally when low-budget horror takes itself seriously, it is to the detriment of the film, but Stake Land proves that the right script and some flair, it can definitely be made to work in your favour.

Mark F (us) wrote: This could have been good but ultimately it falls short. The problem is they try to make out that surfing is some spiritual thing but the life they live just comes across as seedy, shallow and hopeless - the domain of stoners and drop-outs. That Johnny Utah might be attracted by their guff or develop a serious friendship with them is not believable. The action is pretty good and well shot, and there's a decent twist about halfway through, but it mostly left me cold. It's also ridiculously sweary. And that a guy who started off so passionate about justice ends up not caring is unsatisfactory. To be honest, you're better off with Fast & Furious 2.