The Beginning

The Beginning

During a roadtrip, four friends discover that the earth has been taken over by a supernatural evil. With death all around them, they discover that dying is only the beginning.

During a roadtrip, four friends discover that the earth has been taken over by a supernatural evil. With death all around them, they discover that dying is only the beginning. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bengel W (fr) wrote: Interesting story, which starts with quiet mystery and an uncomfortable general feeling that builds with all kinds of little oddments? Actors do a great job of being isolated, young environmentalists, and quite possibly mad. The camera work is amateurish at best and interferes with the plot too much to really make this film enjoyable. Nibbles: Ice-cream

Maren C (br) wrote: I'm giving this movie four stars because I feel bad for it that it's gotten so many negative reviews. Yes I get it, it's cheesy and there are talking dogs. BUT. . . Here is what is Good about this movie: 1. Christopher Lloyd. I've always been a fan, and he's great in this. Always reliable as a fun character actor. 2. George Wendt as Santa Claus still gives off a George-on-a-barstool kind of vibe, like he just over the whole Santa thing. I like that. 3. I like the part near the end where the dogs fly Santa's sleigh to all the different countries. You hear the same Christmas song sung in French, Japanese, Spanish, etc. You also get a glimpse of how Christmas is celebrated in the different countries, with, for example, the shoes instead of stockings in France. I liked the attempt at multi-culturalism. 4. It's short. Less than 90 minutes. As a parent, if you want your kids to watch a Christmas movie, but you don't want them staying up *way* late, this is a good one to choose. So really, it's not THAT bad.

Sight K (nl) wrote: Jim Carrey is supposed to be funny

Steve G (jp) wrote: Two shocking things happened: 1) I watched a Woody Allen movie. 2) I enjoyed it.Mostly void of Allen's usual Freudian rehashes. Too much profanity for my tastes. But an abundance of cleverness. I quite enjoyed it. I may now witness porcine aeronautics.

Matthew M (it) wrote: so good though i huge continuity error threw me off otherwise great movie

Liam C (nl) wrote: Peter Jacksons first film and a solid one at that. At its start it seems a little dull but it picks up the pace really quickly with extreme gore and some humor. Some things didnt make sense but considering the nature of the story, it hardly matters. It's a funny, gross and sometimes preposterous story but only those with a strong stomach, even if the ending was a little overlong

Sam M (fr) wrote: And it should've been their last. That being said, it's about as good as the original and a worthy effort for a sequel. Not great, but the first 2 or 3 still don't deserve the amount of flack they received over the years.

Private U (ag) wrote: I think it was a very "pretty" period film, but I don't think that the plot was as well developed as it should have been. It was a decent movie, though the story wasn't very original. For some reason, I think that if I didn't have the subtitles to read, it would have gotten one less star...

Cristbal S (br) wrote: Pretty damn freakin' good. The direction is great and the acting is excellent. A refreshing view of the superhero genre that is very far away from what we are used to.

Mary S (es) wrote: We enjoyed this movie immensely!! Hey, it's a true story, well-told. What's not to like!!

Kristina K (nl) wrote: With Jared Hass you either love or hate. I love. I find them funny. Besides how can you not like a movie with Sam Rockwell?