The Beheaded 1000

The Beheaded 1000

An executioner beheads his 1000th criminal, and unleashes a demon army headed by an evil witch called the Blood Lotus

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Mandarin,Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:demon,  

An executioner beheads his 1000th criminal, and unleashes a demon army headed by an evil witch called the Blood Lotus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reece L (it) wrote: Very unimpressed with The Demented. Bad script and whats more bad acting. The story was very much in the vain of ''the crazies'' and sadly was very unoriginal in its story

Johnny R (au) wrote: Incredible film!! It was gritty, action-packed, and entertaining!! The fight scenes are so cool and top notch!! This is not as gritty as the original, but it is still so much fun!!

Mike U (jp) wrote: "Somewhat funny, predictable comedy."

August S (de) wrote: Lacked sense as well as the brains of it's characters. If they'd given even just one character common sense, then everything shouldn't have happened. The protagonist was annoying as hell and her entourage was as dumb as hell as well. It has a lot of potential though they've thrown it into the pit of stupidity.

Jessica R (it) wrote: It could have been funnier.

Brian R (fr) wrote: This is a well made film but there were some very small elements that bothered me. Although, if I may, Chris Cooper's performance is the best in the entire film. I wish the film was mainly about him. As for Seabiscuit, he is clearly just a race horse with a bit of a temper and with holding low esteem (until the three race men break the horse out of that zone) rather then a humane being just as that guy who walks Seabiscuit in the paddock is only a grooom and nothing more. Why couldn't the filmmakers give that actor at least one noteable performance? When he does talk you can hardly hear him. That's just wrong. Another scene I had a problem with is when families eat at a dinner table together you say GRACE! I was sort of offended when Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks just started eating without giving any thanks or praise. Believe me if you were living during The Great Depression, i'm sure non-believers must have done a little bit of prayer in the shadows hoping to for next evening's dinner meal. Gary Ross is a skilled filmmaker and I loved his Pleasantville then this. I haven't seen his film The Hunger Games where he would work again with Liz Banks, the trailer doesn't make me want to check out the picture.

Noname (gb) wrote: Good thriller with Paul Walker. I like alot this type of movies with madmans tries to get u :)

Fabienne R (mx) wrote: Michel BLANC et Grard DEPARDIEU portent trs bien la perruque et les talons hauts...CLASSE :)

Andrejs P (de) wrote: This movie had a good story and a great soundtrack. Some of the gun battles are a little unrealistic as well but while this movie is about the violence, its got an above average story to tell. I've only seen a few movies of this genre, but I think this one is the best i've seen.

Oliver B (gb) wrote: Very interesting early Bogart film. One of Warners' 1930s social problem pictures with a story 'ripped from the headlines' as they were so fond of doing. Be careful if you're used to Bogart as a hero and don't want to see his other side.

Marcus W (au) wrote: A sad and rare misstep for DC animation.