The Believers

The Believers

Mourning the accidental death of his wife and having just moved to New York with his young son, laconic police psychologist Cal Jamison (Martin Sheen) is reluctantly drawn into a series of grisly, ritualistic murders involving the immolation of two youths.

The film is based on a novel written by Nicholas Conde. It is about Martin Sheen is a psychologist decides to move to New York to forget the tragedy of his mother. Everything becomes chaos when his son become aim of the Religion of Santeria which is a voodoo cult specializing in child sacrifices. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darrin C (it) wrote: I admit that I watched the entire movie, but don't know why. Ongoing sequels of crap and this was no exception. It took different direction and was more serious than previous entries that worked to its disadvantage.

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Kenneth K (ag) wrote: funny, funny, funny! Shows the potential that managed the LoTR-movies. Good prank. And should be viewed as such - that movies are about misleading and make-believe.

George H (mx) wrote: Extremely tense with a brillant performance from Billy Zane and some superb directing almost Hitchcock style Dead Calm is anything but calm

Knox M (it) wrote: While not as good as Murder on the Orient Express, Peter Ustinov improves on the performance of Albert Finney as Poirot and it has a slightly more surprising conclusion.

Scott C (it) wrote: I didn't like it - don't get the appeal.

Davey M (nl) wrote: Part "Taxi Driver," part "Nosferatu," and all Romero, "Martin" is vampire movie as gritty naturalism, shocking, satirical, anguished, and maybe the filmmaker's finest work.

Steve W (it) wrote: One of the greatest movies of all time. A great comedy / drama about one man's fight to survive through sheer cowardice, luck, stupidity and perspicacity through WW2. Simply fantastic... at moments hilarious, heart rending but always on a perfect note, featuring one of the greatest film actors of all time Giancarlo Giannini in one of the greatest film performances of all time. A rare treasure! If you find this flick you must watch! Bravissimo.

Paul D (us) wrote: Road race movies are often fun, which this is but at the same time is a farce which can be very disinteresting in places.

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Rahul B (ca) wrote: One of the lighter movies from Fellini ... clearly the movie which started shaping a True Master's career .... gives a feeling of being a preparatory and a reference movie for his later 'Amarcord' .... cannot forget the scene at the end when Moraldo leaves on a train and he sees his dear ones still in bed as if he was passing them on a train.... hats off for such a remarkable shot...

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Tony L (br) wrote: Three stars just for Rachel Leigh Cook. She doesn't pull off the dork so much as the cutie in the red dress. But when she first walks down those stairs there was no doubt in my mind that I was completely straight. That scene has been burned into my mind forever.